About me

A Social Housing Tenant of over 24 years.

Working (Always)

Single Parent (Last 11 years only, was Married / with partner for 18 years previous).

Never claimed Single Parent Benefit as why should someone else pay because my Husband left? (I don’t understand that benefit at all).

Have 3 Gorgeous kids (Young Adults) – None claiming benefits.

Have been treated as a second class citizen for the last 8 years due to being a Socially Housed Tenant. The laws governing behaviour for Private Owners (Even if in exactly the same accommodation next door) are so different to those governing a Socially Housed tenant its shocking.

Its also spiralled into a battle to raise awareness of the truth of what is happening in the UK. The full-on creation of a 2 tier society by stealth laws & taxes & by “re-classing” the disabled & working classes as “shirkers & wastrels” – Causing working class peer in fighting, rather than allowing us to see the bigger picture of Corp Tax dodging, Expense scandals, MPs buying up ex Council Housing & re-letting at extortionate rents, Multi million pound Developments for the elite, while we suffer daily cut-backs.

In addition – The “Elite” are now “coming for” the middle income families – When will the UK WAKE UP?

I’m trying to rouse you all!


This is my Fight

Proud to be Working Class – Will NEVER be Second Class!


4 Responses to About me

  1. F Thomson says:

    you can run, but you cannot hide,idiot.

    • Dear MS Thomson,
      I would suggest an obviously educated (book smart) person such as yourself, would be better off investing this energy in fighting actual issues.
      Rather than Trolling & being vicious on people’s web blog’s.
      Personally – I don’t know where you think I am “running” to- I have no intention of Running anywhere.
      There is a fight to be had – One to save the UK from imminent economic & social disaster.
      I for one will be standing my ground.
      I choose to blog as It has helped me & many others (judging by the emails I have received) to know we are not alone in this.
      What I don’t do is veil threats & condescendingly berate people.
      I would also suggest that putting so much personal info on here is not a good idea as a few Google searches will indeed reveal
      personal details about posters/commenter’s & I have had 2 emails regarding you from concerned readers already.
      However I will not allow your vitreole on my blog, upsetting my readers – we do not understand your hatred.

  2. Steve CK says:

    It doesn’t even make sense as a comment does it, “You can run but you cannot hide, idiot”?? Deary me, what’s the world come to these days that spiteful little pissants can’t even be bothered to troll properly? It’s hardly worth getting into it. Come back when you have something reasonably sensible to direct your hate with, imbecile.

    Keep up the good work SH, you’re in a different league from such cretins.

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