IDS – I studied Poor people at College!

(Copied from Facebook status – with permission).

IDS has never experienced poverty…not being able to afford a decent claret is not being poor…the man is an egomaniac, who failed miserably as the leader of the party due to a vote of no confidence..and has decided the jobless working class are the root cause of Greatish Britain’s woes and must be weeded out and kept out of sight like the embarrassing relatives that insist on turning up at every family function, so they have been out priced in affordable housing in London and the continued programme of selling off social housing in the more affluent areas surrounding London wells, thats the social cleansing sorted, now lets deal with the buggers eating decent food, ah UNIVERSAL CREDIT, thats will make it difficult for them to afford decent food, and if they get obese through eating food laced with hidden sugars, and processed cow hooves and pigs testes we can then cut their benefits if they don’t loose weight, and if that don’t finish off the blighter’s we will sanction them cutting off their benefits altogether making them homeless and destitute and suicidal and then when they have killed themselves we can say they did not try hard enough OH, but hold on, we need to put some spin on this, as its not looking too good on us Tories ah heres what we can say ” its better to be in work on zero hour contracts on minimum wage and keep your self respect “…yes they died of pride..what noble fellows those chaps were, yes, we will commend them for their sacrifice….” for I Ian Duncan Smith knows what its like to be poor and out of work, I studied it as i implemented my welfare reforms “……..

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