Firstly, Thank you to those who still message me here (or via Facebook & Twitter).

2013 was the hardest year I’ve ever been through, both financially & personally.

BUT I am not alone & I want no sympathy… The whole of the UK (well 99% of us) have suffered greatly over the last few years. My plight has been made worse for me personally purely due to my socially housed status & the legal persecution that “title” affords in Modern Britain.


If you are to believe programs such as the awful Benefits Street & media coverage such as the Huge headlines this year – (some are pictured here):

All of us who live in social Housing are still feckless, work-shy, benefits claiming, lieing, thieving, rabbit-like breeding succubus’s on society.

The second benefits are mentioned , people link it to Social Housing & vice versa – which is a great victory for PR spin, as in truth Social Housing has been on the decline since the 80’s & is (if you do the maths) at the heart of why this country is in such a terrible state.

If we had built more social housing & allowed people to have pride in their homes, instead of persecuting those who choose to / are only able to rent; then we would be looking at a much different “social” structure in the UK. Many of my friends are forced to rent privately, many of my friends have for the first time ever in their lives, found themselves being caught in the quagmire of benefits as they are unable to afford the often over-inflated (buy-to let by greedy landlords) rents – even though they earn what would’ve once been considered a decent salary (to me, that’s around £350 pw). I’m not greedy, neither are my friends, we just want to be able to live in peace & pay our way.

Now if they had been able to enter the Social Housing chain, all their rent (NO benefits top-ups needed) would’ve gone back to the landlord, for re-investment into cyclical housing.

I digress; The way this pertains to me is – I am Socially Housed, I am socially housed in a property which has been deemed for the last 5 years to be “uninhabitable” due to many structural issues, not least an electrical, full house re-wire which was “completed in 2009” but in September 2013, was discovered (after many complaints of myself & my children receiving shocks & lights popping etc) was never carried out.

The electrics were condemned – BUT have still to be re-done.

The electrics are still on, as I cannot be without electric – Its all so very wrong on so many levels.

However even while dealing with this, with ill health, with working as many hours as I can; I STILL pay my bills. I still work, I still do my charity work AND I STILL GET VERBALLY & MENTALLY ABUSED BY MY PRIVATE NEIGHBOURS .

Its 11am on Sunday & anyone who knows me through this blog knows what I am listening to right now….

The neighbour isn’t even in, I saw her leave earlier. BUT we have no rights. I can ring & complain to my “wardens” (like other weekends where its got to me to the extent I have made a call) to no avail as they have stopped coming – they have the evidence, they have already witnessed it a million times; I can bang on the wall (What’s the point, she’s not there & if she was, I would be in breach of my tenancy), I can go out (I have work to do) but I have tried all of these things over the last 8-9 years.

Its years & years & years of this. Its police investigating & choosing to say its a “tenancy issues/neighbour dispute” – Its the Housing Association sending me leaflets about keeping diaries & then when I do keep diaries (2008-9 a whole year & I have videos of the abuse) I am told its not worth prosecuting a pensioner who is obviously disturbed.

And the crux of it is, She is Private – She can “counter claim” I am one of the above (see pic) without any evidence. She can claim this to the Police, The neighbourhood team, my landlord – in fact anyone who listens. She can claim it & sadly it gets recorded & in some cases believed (thanks to the media hype surrounding socially housed people).

Every claim that I am “A demon”, that I am “A prostitute”, that I “beat my children”, that I am a “Racist”, that I am “swearing at her”, that I have a filthy home & a banned dog breed, that I am a “benefit-cheat” & that I grow drugs – have to be investigated & documented (my file is a shameful piece of reading, I would not want to live next to the vile creature I am portrayed to be)**

So I am all guilty without evidence, as thanks to the aforementioned PR & the law regarding Social Housing tenancies, The private owners are believed without question.. As why on earth would a lovely affluent owner be lieing, when a clearly sub-human Socially housed person is like all the others (as per the media spin) would most definitely fall into those categories.

So in answer to Claire who has been messaging, yes I am still here, I cant move, The HA cant move me as this house could not legally be occupied by anyone in the state its in (I mean structural/electrical only, My home is clean, tidy & well decorated). BUT also, why should I move, This has been my home for over 20 years (the neighbour still refers to me as the new tenant, when she stands outside my house telling passers-by that my home is a “council one”, which again is apparently not against the law to do!).

To Matt, Thank you, the offer of money is not what this situation need, this situation needs common sense. BUT it also needs a sweeping wind of change in the UK – Allow us tenants to be proud once more. I remember my Grandma proudly polishing the handles & steps of the council home, the home she lived in all her life – Her children grew up there & some went on to rent in Social housing, some went on to buy. Some went on to work in Schools, others owned their own businesses. The bricks you live in do not determine you path… My mother & father owned their own property, I thought that’s what I would do, BUT that never happened for many reasons, However I am happy I don’t own. I’m proud of my home regardless.

My personal situation cannot be helped – I cannot be helped 😦

However for anyone reading who has an ounce of common decency, please please read beyond headlines.

Don’t allow what people say to cloud your judgement.

If someone would just have the backbone to say STOP, my life would be easier.

Thank you


** I have seen my file thanks to a lovely housing worker ( will call her Kelly) who has seen the abuse I suffer, she told me about the complaints that have gone in about me, about the times that my HA have visited my neighbours while I am at work, to collect “evidence” (only words, as of course there is no evidence) of the terrible atrocities I commit. Kelly has called my to tell me about contents of emails & calls that have come in complaining about me & various other complaints made to get the “Council Tenant out”.

I have never once been issued with a warning etc as every complaint has been unfounded.

Kelly promised she tries her best to explain the truth behind this awful situation when a new housing officer/Neighbourhood warden/policeman sees my humongous file, but after a couple of frosty meetings I know some of the authorities who have looked at this, believe the PR spin above & the unfounded lies.

There is no file on my neighbours – They own their home – there is no where to complain to – there is no one able to “investigate & document.

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