Meeting lovely people

I’ve organised 4 charity events so far this year, all of which, where I am surrounded by celebs & great / lovely people who have no idea I am “Social housed” – they have no idea I am “benefit claiming scum” (Working Tax Credit is a benefit).

I love my normal work, I love writing for small businesses, I love doing Social media, I love getting a bit Politcally irate & I love my charity work so very much….

I Love my children & my dippy dementia suffering mum.

I love the friends I’ve made over the years through the Celeb world / Charities.

I hope I have done what I can to make peoples lives better – but tonight I am feeling so so down.

I’m tired, my Anaemia is at 4 at my last blood test, they want me to have another transfusion – I cant do it, I was so sick after the last one. My hypertension is at a steady 190 / 130 ish & I cant get it down..

Poxy MUSIC has been on all day & I have a Migraine – Im by myself as my girls have gone out, They cant stand it…

Sorry 😦

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