PillCam & Lazy neighbours

In Cameron’s world, he would have us believe that those who are in-bed while the rest of us get up & go to work are the “feckless scroungers/council tenants” – Not the Hard working Home owners, who are obviously the ones doing all the work right now… (sarcasm I am sure).


You Mr Cameron are not “untouched by claiming” though are you? That’s a whole other story.

I wonder how many other MP’s are hiding their “Claims” also.

However – back to my post – I get up every morning at 6.30 & go to my first job for 8am – I work at their offices until 1-2pm & then go to my other jobs (wherever they may be, as I work where ever I can, as I have a family to support). The curtains are always closed & cars are in the driveways of the neighbours who harass me constantly to get out of the affluent area in which I live. These are the Home owners which Mr Cameron rattles on about..

I am the Low income earner who claims £70pm Housing Benefit as a top up as I cant afford the full £700 per month on my income (Bare in mind a mortgage would be cheaper, but cancer patients in remission who are single parents CANNOT get a mortgage)  in addition to the Full £1500 a year Council Tax.

Bare in mind I have lived there for 20 plus years & have never been in arrears with my rent – only claiming benefit in this last year due to the recession.

Bare in mind one set of neighbours who give me so much hassle are “On disability”, have the disability car, parking space & everything that comes with that (including getting their mortgage paid for them).

Bare in mind the other neighbours are not working due to “stress” of a marriage break up & again as they are not working, I am sure their Mortgage is being paid by some form of benefit or other.

Now bare in mind I was in Hospital again Monday this week – This time for a Capsule Endoscopy – The Hospital really are trying to make me more comfortable, as I am feeling weaker & weaker as the months go on.  I have Diverticulitis, Fibroids, Hypertension, Anaemia, Malabsorption & a myriad of other health problems, BUT I work & will never give up as I have the Working class spirit my mum & dad engrained in me from a child.

I am happy being a tenant (if I wasn’t harassed  & I can cope with being sick) – BUT what I find most irritating is the fact that the Government – without knowing me – class me as a scrounger & shirker purely because of my living arrangements.

This isn’t right – it isn’t fair & I DIDN’T VOTE FOR THIS SHODDY TREATMENT OF PEOPLE.

Wake UP UK – We need a change – Make Britain proud again – Some of us are Proud to be working class..

Still no reply to my letter to any MP that cares!

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