I’m writing to you today as just an ordinary member of the public who works extremely hard & who has lived in Social Housing for 25 years. In that time I have paid almost twice over the value of the property in rent & I have never shirked my responsibility, with regards to keeping my home in good order.

I am not a Scrounger or Skiver as some of you who should know better have labelled me (purely because I live in Social Housing & I had a period of full benefits in 2011 after a redundancy, of 3 months).

I am not a Lying thief, I do not “cheat a system” to enable me to work, BUT I do get £20 a week towards the cost of my rent (which is170pw) purely due to lack of income & decreased work (due to ill health I work part-time as I have many hospital appointments / procedures – BUT I DO NOT CLAIM DISABILITY BENEFITS –I WORK).

I didn’t ask to be ill, I didn’t ask to be looking after 3 children by myself, after a marriage broke down after 12 years, I didn’t ask for food costs & petrol to increase or heating to cost so much I can’t afford it – I could go on….

I have in fact been gainfully employed full time in numerous positions for numerous companies ever since I left school at 18yrs old (I went on to study but left to work, as I knew that’s what I wanted to do) and during all that time I paid my taxes and NI like everyone else.

What angers me is that ever since the Banking Crisis you in Government have been looking for someone to blame for the mess, but instead of directing your attention at the ones who caused the problems, IE the Bankers and the Get-Rich Quick City-Boys and profit hungry Buy to let landlords you turned your attentions to the ones least able to defend themselves. The Sick, The Disabled, those on JSA, Incapacity Benefit, and DLA.

You have Systematically Cynically and callously forced through Parliament changes to every avenue of Welfare you can think of while turning a blind eye to Corporate Corruption, Tax Dodging, Tax Evasion and any other nefarious trick the Rich Elite could think of to keep your hands off their wealth.

One way, a particularly narrow minded ill thought out way of making some cuts was achieved by employing Lord Freud to conjure up the Under-Occupancy Charge, aka The Infamous Bedroom Tax. Lord Freud and many others in Parliament have massive homes, sometimes two homes that are never fully occupied, yet you didn’t go after him or them or their rich influential friends who own mansions but who no doubt donate massively to the party Coffers.

No. You deliberately choose to target the poorest in society, those who can’t afford to pay their rent because they are out of work due to illness or lack of opportunities, or those who do work but who’s wages are too low and so they need help through Housing Benefits.

You didn’t stop beforehand to consider that there just aren’t enough smaller properties to downsize to even if people were willing to move. You didn’t stop to consider what any of this would do to families or communities. You don’t care or think about the disabled person needing a room of their own while their partner and carer sleeps in the next room out of necessity and not choice. You

don’t care about the Mother/Father who only gets to see their kids of a weekend or holidays and who need somewhere for them to sleep, or the Mother/Father whose  son/daughter is away fighting an immoral war, or the son/daughter away studying at University etc. You don’t even bat an eyelid at the prospect of thousands of people getting evicted because they can’t pay the immoral charge levied on them.

All you lot care about is reducing the Housing Benefit Bill.

Oh you wrap it up all in a neat package and sell it to the media that it’s because there are so many other families living in overcrowded conditions while there is someone two doors away with a spare bedroom. What you don’t explain to the media is it’s virtually always been that way. More so since in the 80’s it was decided to allow so much Social Housing stock to be sold off without a thought for the babies being born in those decades & their future need/want to work hard & have a stable home of their own, from which to ground themselves. What you also don’t tell is where the money went from those sales because it certainly hasn’t go into building more Social housing, You know, the sort where we pay the rent & it gets recycled through the economy – NOT the sort you are investing our taxes in – Buy to Lets for rich landlords, those who get the actual benefits you are harping on about & poke the profits away in non-tax-paying countries (where, let’s be honest a vast majority of these property magnates live)…

All you will have achieved financially with this is to ruin the lives of thousands of people. Your heartless actions will make sick people sicker as they worry where the money is coming from. They will have to choose to eat or heat or pay other bills, or if they don’t pay the charge they face the prospect of eventually get evicted. What will that solve?

Personally, I am now in arrears – for the first time EVER – I have 2 adult children living with me, the sort who want to work hard (They get this ethic from their mum – NOT YOU) & the sort who will NEVER have a home of their own now – (THAT MY FRIEND YOU CAN TAKE CREDIT FOR).

I ask you – as a Normal, hard-working, proud woman.. Re-think what you are doing… It’s not just me & my daughters – We will survive I WONT LET THEM DOWN, I will work myself to death if I have to, to ensure they are safe & housed… BUT it’s the others, the sick, the disabled – The honest people who are suffering – Bedroom Tax is a farce… No one chooses to under occupy – There are No smaller properties, The Government has seen to this with the stopping of Social housing building….

It used to be “An Englishman’s home was his castle” Now it feels like “An Englishman’s home can be his cold, coffin”.

Shame on you if you don’t act NOW

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  1. Steve CK says:

    *Round of applause* This needs to be printed on the front page of a newspaper.

  2. Teresa Green says:

    Brilliantly written. Please listen to our plight

  3. all true words !! relates to my life also .. bless xxx

  4. Ian Davies says:

    Well written piece that needs to be read

  5. Unfortunately they did take into account the fact that there are no smaller properties to move into which is why they can claim to be saving £500 Million because of the number of poor people who will have to pay up as they can not move.
    I wrote to my own MP and am still waiting for a reply…

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  7. Mark Smith says:

    That is so well written and so right! Brilliant!

    • Mrs Stevie Hobbs says:

      Mark – I am so sorry to hear of your plight – and the more I hear and the more I read about the plight of others – the more disgusted I become. But Mark, I have 4 or 5 falls and was unable to get up off the floor and had to use my LIFELINE button where an ambulance was called and they helped me up. I did not do this straight away but struggled to get up for a long time. I am 83 and one time I’d fallen as I was trying to get out to the garden to feed the birds. I’d not long come out of hospital and my leg collapsed and I fell outside – it was freezing cold and I managed to get inside by dragging my body over the step. I couldn’t shut the door so I pressed my lifeline and an ambulance did come but – after waiting some time. I thought I might freeze to death but I’m still here! Do get one for yourself please.

  8. Sasson says:

    The ‘artist taxi driver’ ‘chunkymark’ on youtube described it as the ‘perfect storm’ for people, both those on low to middle incomes like yourself and for those who are totally reliant on benefits and services like the disabled.

    Every service and benefit I claim as a chronically disabled person is being cut, whilst I’m being charged more for my care. I now have to pay back £4500 per year, partially to the local authority, and then directly to my carers for private care costs (due to my local authority deciding not to fund necessary things like banking, shopping, ironing, cleaning and all sorts of things). I pay this despite having NO assets and NO savings.

    If someone says to you that the poor get free care THIS IS A MYTH. You only receive free care if you work. So lets get this straight. When I was working professionally and able to pay for my care I received it free of charge. But, now that I’m not working, ALL of the disability elements of my benefit, particularly DLA, are taken into account as income, whilst they weren’t when I was working. What bright spark thought that one up?

    In a few weeks time when the bedroom tax is implemented (my HA has NOWHERE suitably adapted for me to move to), and then cuts via PIP, and God only knows if I’ll still receive ESA by then as I’m currently being assessed, I’ll be absolutely destitute. This is going to KILL some disabled people, literally KILL THEM. Already, and I’m disgusted to say this, disabled people have died of STARVATION in this country after having benefits removed. One disabled man recently, and another on JSA who was sanctioned and died of a heart attack brought on by STARVATION, as the heart is the worst organ to be affected when you don’t eat.

    These moves are crimes against humanity. Someone needs to document every single case, and bring about prosecutions.

    We are trying not to lose hope. People like me now only have the internet left to make our feeling known since any transport or opportunity to leave the house has already been taken away from us. Soon, many of us will no longer have a telephone or the internet, and will consequently become completely isolated. Without a phone I can’t use my ‘care call ‘ button in an emergency; I can’t text my carers when I have a spasm and can’t move. So I’ll just have to sit here and soil myself, and go without a drink or anything for up to 12 hours through the night until my carers come. If I fall and hurt myself, similarly, I’ll have to wait until a carer is on duty to get help.

    The future looks very bleak SH, not least for you also. You shouldn’t have to work yourself to death to provide for your family!!!! This is what happened to me, and in the long run it has made my health much worse. I only hope and pray that there will be a public outcry when people start to die off.


  9. Sasson says:

    For anyone whose interested, the link to the disabled man who died of starvation and kidney failure after having ESA removed:

  10. pat says:

    fantastic letter you wrote, could you send it to your local papers to be printed.

  11. kate jackson says:

    That is a totally brilliant letter, i’ve copied and pasted it into microsoft word and i’m going to send it anonymously to my mp.

  12. Great letter – there are many people who feel this way and we will fight this in any way we can, good luck to you and your family.

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