Bullying in front of your wife & kids? NICE

Well, today I was sitting at my PC, re-doing my company website, its a difficult job & one I need to concentrate on.

My Son-in-law was in the back garden, finishing the shrubs & my daughter is washing the decorative stones (from around the pond) so that my Garden looks lovely for me… they are so sweet, they know I probably wont be able to use the garden, but they still try…


All of a sudden there is an almighty BANG BANG BANG on my wooden front door. So loud, my dog runs in from the garden , as does my son – in law, wondering what the hell is it?

My daughter stops washing the stones & my other daughter runs down from upstairs, where she was vacuuming.

I open the door cautiously, as it was bloody loud & frightening – to be greeted by the eldest son to the woman next door.


His problem, which elicited such a Loud & violent assault at my door was – My car is parked on the road outside, instead of on my driveway & because of the fence being moved to give his mother an extra foot of front garden (see other post) my front of my car is now 6 inches over their “land”.

He DEMANDS in his best shout/intimidating voice, that I move my car.

My Son in law cant believe his ears & rushes to my defence (to which I grab his arm & beg him to stop).. However he follows me as I go outside my house…

Now I know what you are thinking… Why don’t I just shut my door & dig my heels in, BUT I cant… They will call the police & tell them I am swearing,  shouting, racially abusing, in fact anything just to elicit a response.. This is the norm (in fact sometimes its gone as far as saying I’ve JUMPED on cars, laid eggs on people or pooed in gardens, to get a response), So I just say “OK” & go out to move my car 6 inches.

My Son-in law points out the 8 other parking spaces, where anyone could park, within 5 seconds walking distance (if that was the issue) – To which the neighbours son laughs at his face & Watches me move my car.

Now the disgusting thing is… As I get out of my car, The neighbours Son, laughs & shouts “Thank you” in a most derogatory tone and All the while his wife & child & his mother (my neighbour) are laughing whilst watching from the front door, next door.

It just reminds me of how disgusting people are.


What Bullies & Bigots people can be.

& overall how they make me feel

But most of all, it makes me so tired of this situation..

Some days I feel angry & want to change things… I want to get into politics & help others like me.. the hard working middle income earners who are being targeted by not only these ridiculous people, but the elite & their echelons of sycophants..


But today, I feel tired… tired & ready to give up.

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