And so it begins

Its freezing outside as I leave for work this morning @7.30am.

BUT its bright & actually quite pretty.

Theres something about London as Winter melts into spring.

Something which is totally personified in the gorgeous little Robins I have seen in my garden recently..

Robin redbreast

Feeling elated at the prospect of coming home to a relatively pretty, bright afternoon, I went to work, Looking forward to a few hours before “sunset at 5ish” in which I could spend some time in my garden & wonder at the beauty of the Robins & Finches & share some bread with my fish who live in the gorgeous pond my Son-in-Law built 2 years ago…

I got a call at 1ish saying, that same son-in-law, along with my daughter was already in the Garden (they know me so well), clearing ivy that has crept up, cutting brambles, cleaning out the pond filters & strimming the grass (as much as they can as its still a little damp).

Smiling, I look forward to going home..

BUT I’m stupid… I forgot… I’m “Socially Housed” & not entitled to spend time in my garden – or enjoy my labours, or the labours of my family (before anyone says anything, its his day off work & my daughter is on an apprentiship waiting list).

So as soon as I pull up on my drive at 3ish, I can not only hear the strimmer, I can hear the MUSIC… Music Neighbours from hell

Yes, unfortunately, as my daughters can atest to, as soon as my girls went into the garden today, the next door neighbour opened her windows etc & put on the looped music, which we are all so sick of… at earsplitting level & went out…

Its so that we dont spend time out side… Sad thing is, I am sitting at my desk, where I should be writing for my clients (if I had any right now) & my ears are almost bleeding from the noise (as her speakers are right next to my wall)….

The reason? – As she has stated to the police… again… I am a “Demon” & she is saving my soul with this music...

So they have gone out, I am here by myself.. Indoors…

Oh what a bloody life.

Sad Woman Neighbours from hell

I wanna cry.

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2 Responses to And so it begins

  1. Steve CK says:

    Do you have any idea how many of your readers are desperate for your address to accidentally get found out so punishment can be administered to these awful, cretinous, disgusting, pigs that you live next door to. Sometimes Karma needs a helping hand, she’s busy.

  2. Ahh Steve,
    Its been almost 10 years & I havent cracked yet & whilst I apprecaite your sentiments, that is exactly what they want… I rant on here as I need a release.. BUT also as I felt so very alone, However from the emails & messages I get every week, I know this stealth discrimination & persecution happens a lot… everywhere…
    I believe in a form of Karma, I know I have behaved properly, I wont reply to her with the same vitreole shes spits at my children & I and I wont rise to the numerous complaints that have been written & “rumoured” about me.. as the people that matter, my true friends know the truth of what is happening…
    One of my one personal feelings of Karma is, as they have complained so much about us, they now have chopped at least 5% off of the value of their homes… Its the law that if they wanted to sell they would have to disclose their complaints… The prospective purchaser wouldnt know that I have had apologies from all authorities & every complaint has been vindicated… the purchaser just gets told of the number & nature.. data protection means the outcome isnt discussed… I truly hope my blog helps people in similar situations… I am afraid Hyacinth Bouquet (Bucket) is alive & well in London Suburbs everywhere.. BUT So are we.. The Proud Working Classes… And I am not going anywhere XXXX

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