Scales – Not fairly balanced – yet still I live in hope

I’m Struggling peeps.

I am struggling more than I have ever struggled.

The House is falling down around me, it’s actually falling to pieces, ceilings crumbling, rain pouring through, Cracks appearing over-night again – Main one through the support wall (which prompted our “de-cant” a few years ago for a remedy, which obviously hasn’t worked).

The 13th Surveyor (in 18 months) has been out & re-appraised & again agreed, YES the structural damage is significant enough that the (Housing Association) wouldn’t put a tenant in here; However a week after that visit, the water is still pouring in. And I, the existing tenant, am STILL the tenant paying full rent!

I have spoken with the HA direct & despite them all-knowing the history of the property & knowing how stressful this part of my life is (damage to property, not being able to use parts of the house, ongoing damp/health implications) They still will-not move me & my daughters – Unofficially & off the record, I was told last week it’s all due to £££££, All the while I am in there – I am paying full rent that they would NOT get if they moved us to a property which was not “uninhabitable”.

So I have that going on.

I have a mother with full-blown dementia, Acute Chronic Heart failure, COPD & various other illnesses, which I have been arguing with the local authority for help for (gets Attendance allowance) – They are still refusing to  help. Despite my providing all her financial details, the ins & outs of everything she has ever done, (she like me, always worked & this is her first foray into the horrid world of benefits), I have provided them with bank statements, income reports, doctors reports, tenancy agreements etc etc & yet 6 months after my first request for help for her, still  I receive an email from the Local Authority stating she is not providing enough proof of her “need” – If I don’t sort this out for her, she will be homeless within 2 months….. How much more need does a 75-year-old dementia sufferer need to have? (She rents privately & this as taken every drop of her savings, she is now broke!).

I have been “lost” by the NHS again (2nd time) & my Blood transfusion (due this week) wasnt been booked. These are the ones I must have every 6 weeks or so as my system produces incorrectly shaped blood cells.

I have an “emergency appointment” now, booked for the consultant in 4-6 weeks – What a bloody joke.

I am currently on 12 tablets a day & feel sick every frigging morning – I get up tho & go to work.

Now here’s the funny thing – I have been served with a “Notice to quit” my home, as for the first time in 24 years, as I have a multitude of stress piling upon me right now, I have underpaid my rent for 2 months. (I pay full rent, but couldn’t afford it Nov & Dec as I had a fair amount of time off work & had to go into hospital) BUT because of the way the system works, as I work, if i under pay for 7 weeks – I am immediately jumped upon & served notice, whereas, if I was on benefits & didn’t pay the minimal amount, I would be offered counselling & help & wouldn’t be served notice until the debt reached a large amount (so after a much longer time)… This is NOT a opinion, This is fact!

At the meeting I attended, I was asked – to my face why don’t I just claim benefits, as I am obviously “sick”……. Then I would be OK financially..

The new Gov rules are attacking us Low income earners so much, it is proven it is us that are losing our homes  & let’s be honest, our dignity….

I have adult children (officially termed now as NEET) Not Employed or in Education or Training. Which I support financially – by myself.

They depend on me, so I work! Its not even something I think about, its something that I do.

I don’t want a pat on the back, I don’t want a gold star, BUT I do want to know why the people of the UK feel its OK for the government to demonize the Low income earners so much that we are suffering more than I ever thought possible.

I understand people want the benefits system looked at – Thank you sensationalist journalism & media spin from the main parties & their cronies – Totally aimed at stopping you & I from seeing the real picture!

Working people need our homes – We need a base to work from… Why on earth is the first thing the Gov want to take from us, be our Home???

I will tell you why, because after just 7 short weeks of my failing to pay the £175 from my £230 take home pay, they can see themselves getting their hands on a nice house in an affluent area, which will be sold cheaply to an “elite” member or a developer etc etc – all coffers for the richer part of society….

Moving us “Difficult to categorise” people away – NIMBY style (Not in My Back Yard scream the Elite)….

I want to write more, BUT I am actually in a bit of a hole at the moment & don’t know what to do.

I will spend this weekend trying to sort stuff out (whilst popping pills & being sick & working from home, writing for people over the internet for $3 for 1000 words LOL)

Oh sometimes I just want to scream – Thank you all for listening to me, through the “political activist” rants & my almost 50-year-old depressed working, crumbling woman rants.




I just want us – UK citizens to start shouting – ITS NOT FAIR 

Redress the balance between us all a bit..

Balance scales

Not fight amongst ourselves, not sit back & watch

Actually SHOUT……..

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3 Responses to Scales – Not fairly balanced – yet still I live in hope

  1. Patricia says:

    Chin up. Sounds like you are not the sort to give up easily.
    I’m sure you will cut through it all and sort it all out.
    Best of luck

  2. skwalker1964 says:

    Hang in there! Might I suggest contacting your local CAP (Christians Against Poverty) rep? They’re excellent at negotiating with (or strong-arming where needed) housing associations, as well as providing all kinds of practical assistance. It’s run by Christians, but you don’t have to be one to get help – and they don’t charge a penny.

  3. Update – called the HA this afternoon, particularly as rain is forecast over the weekend & we are unable to use the bathroom if it rains, due to the running water through the ceiling. I was informed that one of 3 (out of the dozen) of the surveyors who most recently visited, will call me today – it may be after hours, as they are busy…. To discuss the works that needs doing…
    I requested that the HA please just get the roof fixed & ceiling made good in the two rooms that are like waterfalls, BUT they wont do it without the proper authorisation from a “Surveyor”… So I have waited – Its now gone 11, & I doubt very much if they will call this late – No one works weekends & so the cycle will continue on monday!
    Welcome to the UK as a Working citizen circa 2013….

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