Hours & Hours of Religious Noise

My followers / readers will know I started this Blog / Twitter / Facebook out of sheer desperation & frustration at being subjected to over 8 years of harrassment by Private owners because I am a Socially housed person in a private affluent area. 


I am happily a Socially housed, working person, BUT they are bigots & just cant handle it (Think Hyancinth Bouquet ).

But thats a whole other story – one well documented on here – and one that is (due to the laws in the UK) going on throughout the UK as we (working class) are a second class group now in our own Country.

However today I just had to write, I have been up since 7.30, Writing for work (As you know, I write for my job) & I have had to do this whilst having the usual Sunday assault of Church music from the neighbour to my immediate left.

She does this regularly (every weekend, documented, witnessed, recorded etc) since 2002/3 & it is to “save my soul” as I am a Single parent, Demon from hell… again all documented, in writing (in statements to the police no less). 

Its allowed as she owns her own property!

If I put music on, I would lose my home for breaking my tenancy….So I’m afraid out of sheer desperation, I have to stop writing for work & in exasperation, I vent on here.

I apologise to those of you who expect more from me.

This cold, cracked, “uninhabitable” house is home to me & my children & has been for over 20 years – its somewhere I have paid for myself & to be frank I have “paid for” (if I had been able to get a mortgage) 1 & a half times over.

This Noise has been registered at unacceptable levels by environmental health, but as the “owner” of the property I am in (ie my landlord) doesnt want to persue it, nothing can be done. 

Welcome to my Sunday.

Anyway – Im going to try to concentrate & get back to work.

Oh & I was thinking of buying a few copies of these (when I can) & sending them to the NFH.


– What do you think?

🙂 Sense of humour gets me through…(so do Beta-blockers LOL).

Hope those in the UK are enjoying the Snow (again, sense of humour sometimes is needed to get us all through XXX)


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