Nick Clegg – Spoils my Mornings – Thanks LBC!

Oh Nick Clegg Image on LBC – I really need to stop listening!

He wants “New Garden Cities” built – Communities with parks & schools – For lovely people to buy, with Gov schemes – In other words – Away from the riff raff socially Housed “SKivers & Scroungers” … The people they are trying desperately to remove from their sights (Very 80’s NIMBY style) – STUPID Bloody Politicians…
The Elite & their echelons may want these places built – To show what they can “BUY” – BUT They wont work as Receptionists/Plumbers/ Street Cleaners/Typists etc – ie all the people who NEED quality social Housing, a fairly priced home which to base yourself in & churn money through the economy..
Some of us NEVER want to accumulate “Stuff” – We realise it “All goes back in the box” & don’t want to step on people on the way through life to try & rise… I’m happy paying my rent & churning my hard earned salary through the economy, What I don’t understand is why my children & hundreds of thousands like them (the future plumbers/cleaners etc) can’t have the same right to a home…

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