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Firstly – thanks to a fantastically deffiant mother, my Scoliosis (62 degrees) was corrected back to 11 degrees from the age of 5 months to 12 years.
Some terrifying & archaic treatment that is now banned in the UK – It was painful & like torture (involved a stretching table at a very old hospital) But from someone who was never supposed to walk & was nicknamed the “Banana Baby” – I thank her every day of my life for allowing this treatment to happen…
I feel for you..

I also hear you, I think sadly we have had many years of stealth benefits bashing that has turned people against each other, which deflected away from what was really going on – ie the Elite gathering forces to create an empire for themselves & move the rest of us out to slum areas where we are not in their way.
I have done it myself, I have been upset, working daily, being exhausted & still hungry despite working hard, yet neighbours have cars (disability) & mobility scooters & are paid to stay home… HOWEVER, the sad thing is, They are the stereotype themselves. Seemingly (or actually) flashing the cars & extra help in the faces of people like me… Their friends & family use the cars etc, they come home with bags & bags of shopping, They have extra help from all sorts of agencies because of their “disabilities” —
BUT since I have WOKEN UP, I realise its not their fault, Its a Government ploy to turn people against each other….
They may well have an illness / disability & they have been caught in the benefits/welfare trap that was cleverly honey lined for so long…
Make yourself appear more Vulnerable & you will get more! So some people were drawn in – I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND – A culture of “I’m Entitled – so GIVE IT TO ME” deeveloped over years & years….
It was designed to make the people who worked (in the same areas/classes/social statures) get angry at their own peers – so we didnt get angry at those who were breaking off & selling our NHS, Closing our hospitals, closing our firestations, raiding our pensions, selling our Social Housing, cutting our earnings etc etc
ITS miss-direction on a grand grand scale….
And to be frank its just one tiny part of it!
We have to support those who genuinely need the support & if that means paying for a few who play the system, so they get extra help & a car for their kids to drive around in, then so be it – As I would rather my tax paid for YOU & them than for Bankers & Starbucks & Duck ponds & 2nd homes for MP’s etc.
I firmly believe as the UK populace WAKE UP to whats really going on, we will all help you…
I hope 2013 will be a turning point where the Smoke & Mirrors policies are exposed fully
MY love to you Elaine

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3 Responses to A reply to previous posts comment

  1. Thank you for always airing your feelings and experiences so level headely. It is only that sort of writing and not the excitable shite in the likes of the Daily Fail that will help people realise this disgraceful tactic that is in use by this evil band of jackals. Keep up the goo work

    • You are welcome Keith, I am hoping some of my writing is getting out there & waking people up to the reality of whats happening..
      I am hoping to also do more this year (health & work permitting).
      Stay strong 🙂

  2. And the lovely Troll with her facist ideas & hate for the Scrounging poor, that is Fiona Thomson – although blocked from commenting is “thumbs downing” everything she can..
    Please dont be put off from commenting & sharing out.
    People like this will always exist…
    People like us will ALWAYS ALWAYS fight for her right to exist….

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