The Grinch that stole the LMI Christmas

Is David Cameron really The Grinch?

I wonder?


Part of what I do for a living is write – I write for other people, they pay me to write on their behalf. This could be Blogs, reviews, Homework, Dissertations & I have even written business proposals.


I produce about 5-10 of these a week.  (Its going through my legitimate business before anyone screams “benefit cheat” & is all accounted for)!.

That’s Job 2!

Job 1 is Administrative work for a small business, 30 hours per week, all office/accounts work – which pays less than my outgoings & as my readers will know, means I get some Housing benefit & Working tax credit, although not very much..

Job 3 is Virtual assistant work for other small businesses & is ad-hoc (i.e. as & when its needed) this again is all accounted for & runs through the business  Hence me owing a whole £19 in corporation tax as I write – Something I am actively pursued for, even though companies like Starbucks/amazon etc etc are laughing at the HMRC to the tune of Millions..

Sadly with the country being in the state it is, I have a number of companies who owe me money for work already done – Money I could really really do with, BUT even with the options open to a small business for debt recovery (such as small claims court) it takes years to get money owed – If I had every penny paid to me that was owed, i could pay my rent for a year! wouldnt that be lovely 🙂

Once upon a time, I held jobs paying in excess of £50k a year – not millions, but kept my children & I off of benefits (again readers of mine will know I am a single parent, but never claimed benefit for being such, as why should anyone pay me money because my husband left?? I dont understand that reasoning) – However, due to circumstances beyond my control, I find myself squeezed & pressured more & more to an almost inevitable conclusion……

I have a back story – everybody does…

I have fought a Cancer 15 years go & won (I didn’t take time off work – I took holiday & went back to work minus hair) I don’t want a medal, I needed to work as I have a family to support…

I have residual health issues & take 14 tablets a day to enable me to function, without these I would wither & die. Simple fact. I DON’T want sympathy. I am just stating facts.

I have other health issues compounded  due to more & more stress, which are becoming more & more difficult to ignore as the days go on which are hampered by the fact that the hospital asked me to go in for an Emergency procedure at the end of November, to alleviate them before they can’t be alleviated, BUT the consultant forgot to book it & 2 calls from the hospital to me to apologise later (one yesterday evening at 6pm), it looks like I will be admitted after Christmas now.. Thank you NHS!

I also  have a very elderly relative who is totally dependent on me, One I have been caring for the last 2 years with no help (no benefits as I work) & even though at one point this person was homeless & staying with me, the local authority wanted no part of it as the person wasnt a legitimate resident!

Now a year later after all the savings this lovely person had, has been spent on private rented accommodation, just to ensure they are “legitimately” in a catchment area – The local authority will help with housing… BUT extended family has crawled out of the wood work to ask where the savings are?  Basically finger pointing.

Its funny how people with money only care about money!

Anyway, as I sit here in my house, my children are stressed because Christmas just isn’t  feeling Christmassy (& I have a migraine so I’m not talking to anyone right now) I can’t help but think that this country is so messed up…

My friends who are totally reliant on the Welfare system are enjoying Christmas – they don’t have to worry about their rent / council tax etc – the main bills which keep a roof over their families heads – as these are the first things the Welfare state protects (at the moment) . So other transient problems such as smaller presents are the issues they are mulling over right now.

My friends who are in the upper tax brackets are enjoying Christmas – they are planning trips away (Some are going to Centre Parcs, a friend is going to Florida, another on a Cruise) or are having family round & just “chilling” as they are in the earnings bracket that Austerity & the recession hasn’t hit at all.

However for those of us like me & there are thousands…. The ones who pay their own rent & bills on low incomes (NOT full welfare) we are struggling & scared & feeling very very very disappointed in ourselves. We dont just mull over the presents / lack of holidays, we stress to the point of hypertension/beta-blockers how we are to pay the £650 rent a month & £150 Council tax.

However – I will take my tablets, put on a brave face & smile…

I also know that when I started writing this I was depressed & feeling very alone, BUT now I just feel angry.

Ive worked diligently for over 30 years….

2013 I am going to continue working BUT I am going to be screaming also!

Sorry for the rant peeps…

Just feeling a bit rough today X


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3 Responses to The Grinch that stole the LMI Christmas

  1. Patricia says:

    I’m in the sme situation almost. Grown up children with me. Not their fault. They have no hope of a place of their own anymore. I have all the bills to pay and no help. I have to maintain a persona to my work friends because I work in the media and everyone else seems to be doing fine. My dinner at night is toast or soup. I don’t eat during the day. I work a full time role but it pays what’s considered a low income and after all my outgoings. Rent etc I am left with nothing. I get 7 a week wtc to help and 12 hb. That’s all. Life in this country when you work is almost unbearable. X x

  2. Superbly written piece. Not looking forward to next near myself, bedroom tax kicking in first, then my 12 months on ESA WRAG finishes in June, The work program to help wastrels like me back into work is an embarrassment, I look forward to my visits like I do the dentist. Despite the fact I don’t see much in the way of improvement for us benefit lags whoever is in government, I am looking forward to Cameron’s departure from Downing Street. Would like to be there in person and slow handclap him and the other jackals as they leave, tails between their legs.

  3. Ive had more Rantings – Vicious ones from the Troll that is Fiona C thomson.. She is blocked from posting on here & To be frank, with just a tiny bit of internet savvy i have managed to trace her – I am absolutely aghast to report that she IS (as she says) working in a caring profession… even though her demeanour towards those with illnesses is completely unforgiving & intollerant.
    Personally -I will not allow her to post on here & I will not repeat her words of hate – BUT I will say that as someone who has provided for my family without relying on other people for the last ten years – Through illnesses that many people would crumble under – I can look in the mirror & be proud of how I have coped… I can assure you Miss Thomson, You should NOT be able to do the same with the vitreole you spout against us Socially housed tenants… I feel very sorry for anyone in your care who doesnt meet your exacting standards..

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