SUNDAY POLITICS – Worth watching!

Who watched BBC Sunday politics?
Someone tweeted “When people have a new Nationality, flag & anthem imposed on them by a force with no democratic control there will be rebellion”….. About our EU status…

I have to agree… my children & I & many of our friends NEVER voted to go into Europe…. Did You?? (Vote held & in we went in 1973, along with Greenland, who later withdrew!)
So why cant we get out?


Thats the whole point of having General Elections – We can change what isnt working!
UKIP seem to be the only party that understands, all we want is the refferendum……………….
I would also suggest, anyone berating UKIP should actually read their policies & then look back into history, any nation which is subjugated by another can only take it for so long bedore an uprising happens….
Its coming….
We need to sort out the UK before allowing an estimated 4MILLION more people in (EU figures for when 30 Million people from new countries like Romania/Bulgaria earn the right to migrate) to come in & stretch resources further, surely?
Pensioners, vulnerable, our youth all need homes & health care – Which is being stretched already….
Why are you & I paying for other countries, when You & I have paid in?
Why are we doing this when we NEVER voted to join?

AND why if UKIP have it so wrong are they riding so high in the polls?

AND why are the main parties jumping on the badwagon & re-hashing UKIP policies if they are so wrong?
Whats your thoughts??

Personally, I need us to get out as I feel we (the UK) need to claim ourselves back.

We need to use all the money we send the EU to bolster our own economy & people.

We need to take a stance on difficult problems & not be afraid to do what needs to be done! (By this I dont mean what the con-dems are doing, blaming our own vulnerable/working class for being vulnerable & working class & then making their lives worse by squeezing them into oblivion!)

What are your thoughts?

Facebook – a Working Class persons story/thoughts.

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5 Responses to SUNDAY POLITICS – Worth watching!

  1. Dee says:

    Labour are not the party for the working class, UKIP are. How are the working class helped by mass immigration and cheap Labour. UKIP said the cuts to welfare were a disgrace. We are paying billions out in aid, we are letting anyone come and work here and our own people are homeless and relying on food banks. How are Labour the party of the working class. They are not, UKIP are, i just wish the working class would realise this

  2. peter690 says:

    Couldn’t agree more. UKIP got my vote and will at the next election.

  3. Timeisright says:

    Labour hasn’t been the party of the working class since 1979 when working people voted for the Tories. Initially Labour countered this defeat by moving to the far left, and when they discovered that they were even more unpopular in the country, they decided to rebrand themselves under Tony Blair as the party of the welfare state. Labour also realised that by allowing mass immigration they could boost their share of the votes since 80% of new immigrants vote labour.
    Remember Gordon Brown calling that old lady ‘a bigot’? She was a traditional working class Labour voter,and we learned that day what Labour really thought about the British working classes.
    The Tories completely lost their way when Blair came to power and now occupy the same political ground as Labour. There is nothing between them.
    UKIP is the only party that has policies for working class British people. They put British people first. Three million immigrants are living in homes that should house working class British people. Three million immigrants are using our health care system. Three million immigrants are swamping our schools and it is the working class people that have to bear the brunt of the cutbacks. Rich and middle-class people can afford to go private.
    If you are working class then you should vote for UKIP.

  4. Paul says:

    Are you referring to this?

    Socially Housed: So why cant we get out?

    Well, because Greenland is the least populated by area dependency in the world. It’s the world’s largest island (it’s the size of Saudi Arabia!), but it’s also just a barren, icy wasteland that houses just under 57,000 people. I know it’s making its way towards independence but that won’t come for a while yet, if it ever does happen.

    Socially Housed: Thats the whole point of having General Elections – We can change what isnt working!

    There’s a big problem in the UK with general elections and that is our electoral system. It aims to keep the two main political parties in perpetual power to such an extent that smaller parties don’t really get a look in. It’s a simple “winner-takes-all” constituency based system. If we had one of the European-style proportional representation system, we’d have about 20 UKIP MPs (based on the 3.1% vote share in the 2010 elections). The BNP would end up with a few seats as well. Basically, UKIP would almost certainly be a very major force in parliamentary UK politics, much like the Danish People’s Party is in Denmark (third largest) or the True Finns are in Finland (also third largest). Anti-EU sentiment would be a major force in UK politics.

    David Cameron and the like know that there isn’t any real desire for most British people to stay in the EU, but the problem that us on the anti-EU side face is twofold – the likelihood that any referendum will be massively and unanimously biased against us in terms of media coverage, lies, slanderous allegations and so on and the fact that the electorate may well be cowed into voting to stay in.

    Dee: Labour are not the party for the working class, UKIP are.

    It’s a funny thing – I’ve seen far, far more genuinely working class type people in UKIP than in either of the other two main political parties – Labour and Conservative. As far as I am concerned, they are “the elite”.

    peter690: UKIP got my vote and will at the next election.

    UKIP is the only political party I think I have ever joined. I did vote Liberal Democrat once, but I live in an extremely blue-tinged constituency. I’ve voted for UKIP in every election (including that of police and crime commissioner) since 2009.

  5. Watching that back again, I realise now how biased & missleading the interview was….
    Nigel Farage handled himself well.
    Why wasnt the question asked “Why cant heterosexual couples have a legal Civil partnership”?
    Its a smokescreen to detract the British public from the real issues today.
    Wake up UK

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