I got up this morning at 6.30 am to get ready & set off to work (Job 1 of 3).

I ran around the freezing cold house (My home for 20 years, which I may lose soon as I am struggling to afford the rent), trying to get dressed as quickly as possible, as there is no heating.

This isn’t due to the timer not clicking on, or even because there is a temporary fault – This is due to the fact that living in Britain today, people like me, who work 2/3 part-time jobs, who are not “caught in the benefits trap “ completely but teeter very precariously at the edge of it; are in abject poverty.

There is no heating as there is NO Gas.


There is no Gas, as after I pay my monthly £500 rent & £140 Council tax, my £60 telephone & TV, my £50 rental for the Washing machine & freezer, my £60 insurance for my (10 year old ) car, my £22 AA cover for same car (as if it breaks down, I can’t get to work), My Electric (key meter) of £20 per week. There is NOTHING left from my salary.

In fact I go into a very definite minus!

My Working Tax Credit gives me an extra £65 a month & I have Housing benefit of £18 pw (the figure above takes that into account).

I live how the Con-Dems want – I work & I have my adult children living with me, as they are not (in this governments eyes) worthy of their own properties (if they were they could start to behave like adults & be more productive members of society as they would feel a part of it, not hated by it)!

(I just want to be clear here – They CANT AFFORD the “Affordable homes“, they dont have thousands of pounds saved for deposits etc They cant afford to rent privately as Low income jobs do not pay enough). BUT They WANT TO WORK.. Let me also be clear – The UK needs Social Housing back as a basic right to people who need it! A rentable property at a sensible cost – If they had that – they could take a lower paid job, afford the rent & be productive!

Because they live with me, again I get penalised, as I have 2 adults in my home, however as they have no income, I AM RESPONSIBLE for them solely!

No Child benefit, No Single persons discounts etc for me… Someone who has working their whole life in low/middle income professions, provided for my family & am hurtling towards 50!

The above takes no account of food, heating (hence why the gas is off), clothes, toiletries, cleaning products etc etc  The list could go on.

Any way, I rushed downstairs to see if I could put the boiler on (I KNEW the Gas had run out yesterday, but call it a mothers hope ) & noticed a very sad looking – pale mossy green bottle of Fairy Liquid.

When I picked it up – I was surprised to see it had partly frozen hence the colour.

Do you know what – I cried!

BUT then Mr Cameron., I did what many many of us do.

I got ready in the freezing cold room, went in & kissed my girls, Told them not to get up till as late as they can (to keep warm) & went to work in -5 temperatures.

I do not want pity, I do not try to elicit that at all! What I want is for people to realise Benefits claimants are not all the Feckless Scroungers this government are making them out to be.

I just want to know why things like this happen?

How I can work so bloody hard & have to eat cereal daily?

I want to know how I can’t afford Christmas yet the Government (all parties & their buddies jet off to tropical climes for lavish holidays every year, paid for by people like me?

I want to know why massive businesses don’t pay tax, yet I have money deducted every month without fail?

I want to know why me & my children are less worthy of heating & hot water than someone who is in the “elite”.

Anyway – The washing Up liquid should thaw by the time I get home.

Oh how I hope my Petrol is lasting till Friday, Or it’ll be a 7 mile walk to work in -5 by the looks of it!

On a lighter note & with some sarcasm – has anyone seen this!

Are any of these front pages really telling YOU the NEWS!


Or are they feeding the masses the next best trick of miss-direction so we wont see what’s coming next?

Please wake up UK – We need a change & many of us need it fast!

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  1. Tom Pride says:

    I shared this on Twitter and FB. Well written but very sad.

    • Thank you – Didnt mean to make anyone feel sad, I suppose I was just feeling the cold & was a little “annoyed” this morning.
      This evening I am wrapped up, in my lounge, wearing a Bodywarmer over a jumper hahahah BUT I am proud I work & proud I am instilling this ethic into my girls (mind you, I am not sure if my story is showing them that working so hard & getting so little is a good thing right now).
      Ive just finished my 3rd job (one I get no payment for, its one I am doing so i can set-up my own business & hopefully live off of that at some point in the future, people like me dont get “business loans” etc, so its hard graft for a year or two) .

      Overall, I just wish i could fix the UK… for them, for me…. for everyone
      Anyway, thank you for listening

  2. garryk99 says:

    Come the revolution, if I hold David Cameron you can hit him first…

    • Come the revolution, can you hold him & bring him to my house, as I would want him to sit with me & my family for dinner & then maybe stay a few days….
      That would make me feel better than the “Punch”… BUT I so get what you mean LOL

      • That’s precisely the issue really. It’s because they don’t live like us that they have no clue, no grasp on modern day living in the UK. If only they could live like us if even for a day. If only they had to sit down and budget come payday. If only they had to get paid and realise that once all the bills are paid there will be very, very little left over for food.

  3. Just had the usual evening “Frustration fight” – draining but so regular, I know its coming & I feel so bad.
    “Mum, its freezing in here” is what started it this eve.
    Other evenings it may be “Whats for dinner”
    or “Have you got a couple of quid so we can go shop”.

    All of the above, seemingly unassuming statements cut to the quick & underline the world we working / low/middle income earners live in.

    They dont mean to infer I cant cope/cant provide, BUT thats what they do…
    Its not their fault, its the fault of a wicked system that has caught me in this trap…
    I have to juggle bills against eating & warmth against a roof everyday.
    However tomorrow they will forget they were hungry, skint & cold this eve – Just as I will.
    We will still be a close defiant family – one that pulls together in this horrible time (they will ensure my home is clean, tidy with ironing & washing etc done for me while I am at work),
    If had food in my cupboards, they would cook me a dinner for when I get home …
    This is true “we are all in it together” behaviour as not one of us are hiding millions under our matress, or eating smoked salmon in our room while the other 2 are hungry….

    Con-dems – you will NOT break us!

  4. Tom Pride says:

    A website called Think Left would like to repost this blog post. Is that OK? Their website is here if you want to take a look:

  5. jaynel62 says:

    Thanks You for this honest and snapshot of life for so many of us – All Best xx

  6. Tom Pride says:

    Great. I’ll let them know. Obviously there will be a link to your blog.

  7. Wow…Where do i start…i almost dont want to because its admitting we have a problem financially too….i have so many things needing to be said its difficult to rain it in! I wish i could see the future would be one thing so we would know if the path we are about to take would send us under or not. One thing that really sticks in my mind is i saw a “friend” the other day and she asked what i was getting for christmas….i replied “ooh ive asked for some paint,as i really need to finish some decorating” she looked at me and said “boy youve been bad,really bad for you to get paint”….what i didnt say is we started decorating last month and ran out of money to finish it and with christmas coming and 4 children under 6 to buy presents for it had to be put on the back burner but inside me…everytime i see that unfinished wall its like a slap in the face….whats so wrong about wanting paint to finish a job half done? One thing i must say though is i truly thank my luck stars on a daily basis for my wonderful husband who works so so hard and is both wonderful to me and our children and i thank the stars for our gorgeous children that we are all healthy and happy together. There is so much more we want in this life but are quite happy to sit in a queue of millions more deserved before us….yes the goverment has a lot to answer for but how do we really get our voices heard….you hear stories all the time about immigrants getting everything and our own getting nothing…is it even true? people who are on benefits seem to know how to play the system to their advantage and “friends” have left jobs to work in lower paid jobs so they can be topped up financially by the government…these “friends” buy new designer clothes and bags on a weekly basis and laptops and the latest phones,whilst the last item of clothing i bought for myself was a top last december…a whole 12 months ago….All of our childrens clothes are bought from carboot sales and off of E-bay…we buy most of their Shoes new from clarks(because i think good shoes are important) i love nice clothes and things around me but cant afford them new so i buy secondhand…i sell things we dont need or use…and if we need to buy something which is quite expensive then i sell things and save that money until we can afford that item….we never get things on credit,if we cant afford it then we just dont get it. We dont smoke,we drink at home occasionally,my husband goes out with his friends maybe 6 times a year and me probably twice,together we go out for our anniversary and our birthdays….although we didnt this year because we couldnt afford it….there are so many aspects to our lives but we are proud people and tend to keep ourselves to ourselves.

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  9. Tom Pride says:

    Reblogged this on Think Left.

  10. Well said! I totally empathise being in the same position. Having worked the last 27 years, I now run three part time jobs and still can’t afford to actually live. I gave up my rented home this year as was unable to get any Housing/Council; tax benefit (also had a 19yr old living at home) – moved into a mates front room with my 12 year old son, and now am told my grand a month wages are ‘over the threshold’ for Working Tax Credits. So after my £450 rent, I have to live off the rest. I don’t understand how to successfully achieve this – I’m sure we are two people who represent millions who are in our forties, parents, skilled and hard working. I’m working at ‘Apocaloptimism’ – but it’s a daily struggle. Thanks for posting. EvaLynne Charmer

  11. Deborah says:

    Thank you for writing this x I am fifty one and live in a large room and share a kitchen and bathroom x Up until the begining of the year I rented a one bedroom flat , had two part-time jobs and some help with tax credits . I could not afford to live alone , infact I could not afford to live at all !! I like you want to know why I find myself in this postition but I also have to take responsiblity like we all do for allowing this to happen . We are voters and educated adults Someone I hope will come forward soon to offer us a fairer poliitcal alternative.

  12. alanab0629 says:

    I think that people tend to look at the homeless and the rich and forget about the people inbetween! I’m sorry about your situation and I hope it changes for the better soon!

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