My head wants to Explode (all over the “ELITE”)

I am incensed at the lack of UK citizens outrage at what is happening to Us.

I remember being a pre-teen & standing arm in arm across a main busy road with a group of mums as a protest against cars speeding past a school, where children were being mown down monthly.

I remember being a Teenager & travelling to Greenham Common with a “Right-on” teacher of mine & a group of friends to protest at the siting of missiles.

I remember marching in Wandsworth against the terrible injustice that was “Poll Tax” – Which saw my parents house get a bill in the Thousands of pounds but the neighbour across the road with the same property be charged nothing!

Then I have had a “sabbatical” – A personal hiatus of years of bringing up a family ( a lot of the time as a single working mum). Of battling my neighbours for the last 8 years of my 20 year tenancy (as I am the “council scum” & they are Home-owners in an affluent area & I should not have the right to remain there once my Nuclear family split).

BUT over the last few years I have felt this cold wind blow throughout the UK & my problems are paling in comparison with those faced by the WHOLE of the UK.

I thought it was about gaining equality

I was wrong

I thought it was about a wealth divide

I was wrong

I believe it is totally a Social Cleansing exercise – one driven by career politicians who have no idea of life in the real world, and by the tiny percent of the UK population who cling onto the largest part of the overall wealth! The self-appointed “Elite”.

Not only are they legislating us (by us I count myself as Working Class/Low – middle income earners & am Proud of it!) out of homes – No more Social Housing & if you cant afford to buy (or get Mummy & daddy to buy for you) you will be shipped out of affluent postcode areas to more suitable (& hidden away areas) – Think Bedroom tax & benefit caps – These will all push us out of the area’s where the “Elite” want to live without seeing us – We after all a reminder that someone has to be a cleaner/road sweeper or maybe god-forbid “Unemployed”.

They are also now stealthily introducing laws which are to govern our way of living – The “Elite” have now decided they must “Clean-us-up”.

The laws they are passing are not remotely relevant to the wealth of the country or to the growth of our economy –NOR will they provide jobs / education etc – they are purely an exercise in Social Cleansing.

Our opinions are not even considered relevant & are not even asked for.

We have laws going through which increase the power of the state now – & therefore the “Elite” – I mean seriously, do you know anyone living on benefits (this includes those working Part-Time), who is in a position of power, such as a senior MP? NO?  Neither do I!

The “elite” have employed armies of advisers to come up with new ways to stealthily increase their powers & therefore intrude into our everyday lives for “our own benefit” & we seem to be letting them.

How is this happening?

I will list some of the laws/legislation & how I view them below – Please tell me what you think – I for one am outraged & want to scream at the top of my lungs WAKE UP UK!!!!!

Closing of Fire stations in certain Postcode area’s – Never in Affluent Area’s, so slower response time to the types of homes the “Elite” want to remove?

Closing of A & E’s in certain Postcode area’s – Doesn’t affect them as they have Private Health insurance, so slower emergency medical response time could lead to less of us being around.

Laws to govern Costs of Alcohol – Doesn’t affect them as they have enough money to not to have to buy cheap Alcohol  (my point here is why do they have the right to dictate to people purely on their vision of how people should live!)

Laws to Govern Costs of Car Parks – This is a law that they want to encourage fat people to walk (again why do they have the right to dictate to people purely on their vision of how people should live!) , This doesn’t affect the “Elite” as many have fully expensed vehicles – AT OUR EXPENSE UK!!!!

Social Housing Shorter Tenancies – You used to have a home for as long as you needed it,  a stable base from which to work, now many area’s are introducing tenancies where you can be moved on after 2-4 years (keeping us working class portable, away from area’s of re-generation as the “Elite” call it).

New mums are subject to Health & Safety Assessments after a birth now – Do the “Elite” have this – NO as they have Private health care. Nanny state drama for the working classes only!

The Welfare Reform – You will not be able to claim anything unless you have internet access, this is so they can see EVERYTHING – do not be fooled into thinking this is for your benefit. This started with Tax credits being introduced instead of Tax Coding’s – To claim Tax credits you have to give the “Elite” every bit of information about yourself – they liked this & along come’s Universal Credit!

No benefits for under 25’s – keeping the children of LMI/Working class living with their parents & unable to build adult relationships – thus freeing up the property market for the children of the “Elite”

Failing education systems – Doesn’t affect the “Elite” in their privately educated bubble.. BUT it does keep the LME/Working classes in a lower educated fuzz which is easier to mystify & manipulate!

The Hypocrisy is stunning – The “Elite” can use all their connections to get out of paying Taxes – to use expenses (paid for by the working classes Tax) to buy houses & yet they legislate us into oblivion???

Who is going to stand up & be counted.

Now comes the bit I struggle with daily – I want to stand up – I have the need to stand up – BUT I am so tied down by the constraints placed on me by the “Elite” I feel strangled by them. If I try to fight, will I lose everything I have fought so hard to get? I have my home (The last of a dying breed of Social Housing Properties) which I know after 20 years of being a tenant my kind of tenancy is the one the “Elite“ are going to come after next!  Also I would  lose my Tax Credits if I earn too much, if I strive to supplement my income just to give my daughters & I a bit of a better life, My Tax Credits get messed up – so there is NO incentive for us to work harder through the “pain barrier” of converting from supplemented income to completely self-sufficient.

Or if I do as my daughters want me to do, i.e. look into politics so I can help a change – I will have NO income as I will not be affiliated with any party as I am not a hypocrite.

My head wants to explode!

I want to stop this segregation/social cleansing – I have idea’s BUT I can’t see how I can?? 

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18 Responses to My head wants to Explode (all over the “ELITE”)

  1. Kelly Hill says:

    I second those thoughts. The system is designed to disadvantage the majority at almost every turn. You try and improve your situation only to get stung by another hopeless policy that leaves you exactly where you started. What to do about it?

    • Pat says:!/groups/antibedroomtax/ We are trying to do something. I even rang no 10 Downing Street this week and left my “thoughts” about what is being done to us with The Direct Communications Office……………I leave my full name, they are only telling us their first names due to “security reasons!” I spoke to HARPELL ( NOW WHAT SORT OF NAME IS THAT BUT AN ELITE!

  2. Ellie says:

    So true. As a probably soon to be bedroom taxed, socially housed, disabled benefit scrounger I too have felt that cold wind blowing through the country and have nowhere to hide. Good luck.

  3. Nadia_H says:

    Your idea of social cleansing is literally what I’ve been feeling for months and hadn’t found the words for. I genuinely feel as though the working classes are being cleansed. It is sickening as it is done under the guise of the government ‘improving’ areas and creating new ‘neighbourhoods’ – god forbid the dirty word ‘estate’ be used. It is disgusting and sadly it seems to be happening before our very eyes and there’s little we can do about it.

  4. Charles Gormley says:

    Excellent blog.

  5. Lyn McKenzie says:

    21st Century holocaust against the sick,disabled and low income earners. We have to fight. We have to stand up and be counted.

  6. Marianne says:

    you really have hit the nail on the head here. I will not be affected by the bedroom tax but i am completely outraged by it if it really was to help family with 4 kids with a one bed flat get a larger house then ok fair enough but it isn’t its exactly what you have said SOCIAL CLEANSING i just wish one of the many groups that have been created on the likes of facebook would be willing to do the same protests you done as a teen as i am getting very frustrated that people would rather have their moan on fb than be outhere making themselves heard the whole atos system is the first target immdietley followed by the bedroom tax or better still the whole government and system in one full swoop.

  7. Francis says:

    I hadn’t spotted parts of that! Ouch.

    On the other hand, you’ve missed something. Private companies don’t do A&E. It’s one of the ways they make their money – only doing the cheap and simple stuff. But the elite are trying to fuck up the NHS in so many other ways

  8. bloggingdame says:

    Brilliantly put. Really insightful – thanks for posting such an honest piece.

  9. This is Operation T4 – end of. History does repeat itself

    • I had no idea what that was, so “googled” – Its a scary scary thought, one that actually makes me feel physically sick… I am loathe to make the comparison, HOWEVER I have read numerous pages of info over the last hours after reading your comment & I can see why you would leave this comment – the beginning of the “Operation T4” was most certainly borne out of a Them & US mentality & a misguided group of sanctions to eradicate a Subclass…. I am scared by even a thought of a comparison…………..

  10. TheRealThunderChild says:

    Where to start? Every time I add up the total sum of suffering this shower-of-shit “elite” pour upon the rest of us I’m just overtaken with inchoate despair and existential angs.

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  12. Are Hospital “superbugs” the start of a new T4 programme? After all we have created these “bugs” by pouring indiscriminate amounts of Anti-Bacterials and Anti-Biotics into foods and water courses. Along with “Cloud-Seeding” with mood enhancers (Anti-Depressents) this is really no better than the “Social Experiments” in WW2. Add to this hunger, unemployment, lack of suitable housing and really the “Elite” are just pushing us towards extinction. Don’t think the alternative Political Parties are going to get us out of it, as they are all part of the system, and have to be in existence to be a cover for the “Elite” and their actions.

  13. mike says:

    The elite are for themselves only, they commit crime after crime to continue the good life, time for this to end, do not play the system they own, voting for the established parties is a waste, we as working people have to take the ownership away from them and have our own organization to make laws to even the system or even make it work for us, we need to make the poor richer and the the rich poorer not as it is now the rich eating the poor,

  14. I can see the day where those of us who grow our own food will be taxed or banned from doing so cos it will mean the likes of Tesco won’t make as much profit. Anyone who doesn’t actually work, even though they want to and make every effort to find a job will just be left to die in poverty. These days it’s all about families. Those of us who are single and have no kids are ignored. If you are over 50 in this country you have virtually no chance of a job. Despite the fact that we have the experience that employers need. And now that they have moved the goal posts, so we women have to work until 65 until a pension. I have paid into my personal pension for 25 years. My employers have paid nothing. I took out some of my pension to pay some debts and therefore have to take a payment every week. £35 does not go far and because of it jsa and tax credits take it into account and reduce payments. Excuse me, those payments came out of taxed income. One of my ex bosses payed more into his pension pot than I earned in a year because he could more than afford it. He is now living a wonderful life and I am living in abject poverty, getting letters and phone calls every day demanding payment for water rates and council tax. I claim everything I can and I still cant afford to run my home. Thank God for wonderfully generous friends who make sure I don’t starve or freeze to death. I have always been an honest person but now my attitude is changing. You do what you have to to survive.

  15. Karen Blakeley says:

    I used to love listening to UB40 when I was young, especially the song in 1 in 10 – how sad that the lyrics of that song don’t just apply to the unemployed but also working class workers, the sick and disabled. I am so ashamed to be British at times. I hope the rich choke on all their high living whilst the rest of us struggle. They just don’t have a clue what real life is all about.

  16. Linda Wilson says:

    I weep for our future.

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