Sorry for the rant

I’ve tried really hard NOT to get on here & vent at every bit of harassment/bullying we have endured – I am painfully aware it could be boring (believe me, it bores us at the same time as upsetting us).

So this is a week condensed…

Halloween/Guy Fawkes used to be an awful time for us as we couldn’t celebrate (last trick or treat I took my kids on was when they were 10 & 11, this was when neighbours started to shun us & my daughters actually felt this). So I have for the last 7 years or so left them to their own devices (as they’ve got older, that means parties elsewhere usually).

However – I personally love seeing the kids running up & down the streets in costumes, love the knock on the doors & the excited looks on their faces when they see the bucket of sweets etc I have ready.

I always put up a pumpkin so the children know we are more than happy for them to knock.

But over the years the groups of kids have become fewer & fewer… Partially due to my “reputation” as a racist, paedophile, drunkard, drug dealer” but also due to the “affluent” neighbours NOT enjoying Halloween & not opening doors to the children. (Particularly on one side of me, she is VERY rude to them usually).

This year – I was by myself (as is usual) & had only 3 groups of kids knock.. these were groups containing children of friends of mine & so they of course know I am none of the above. It saddens me greatly…

Hey ho!

Yesterday evening I had a stark reminder of my “place” too.

From 2006-2010 the police visited my home on numerous occasions (some as 999 calls) to investigate a drug gang.

Which was described by my neighbours as being “threatening”, “Hoodie-type” teens. This “Gang” transpired to be my 2 daughters who would gather in my front garden (within my boundary) with their respective boyfriend’s if they wanted a “cigarette break” as I don’t allow smoking indoors. On the worst occasion (2009) there were 3 boys & my 2 girls.

Of course as stated many times before, each time the “investigation” took place & we were totally vindicated, however due to the stupid laws of this country they kept on & on complaining about the same thing – This only stopped when I complained to the Police Complaints Authority & my complaint was upheld. The Police wouldn’t accept this type of complaint again (about my own children in my garden).

Now back to present day – Across the road from me a new family has moved in recently (Purchased Property/Home-owner). Since this occurrence, we have had groups of teens in the road – all hours of the day & night. Shouting / swearing / creating havoc… BUT as the family is a home-owner, this carries on with No complaints….

Yesterday the group consisted of circa 20 teens – all in the road – all shouting loudly.

As I pulled up in my car (driving slowly through the group); my immediate neighbour was at her gate; clearly & obviously angry at the noise; Yet as soon as got out of my car I heard a very loudly stated  “Isn’t it lovely to see nice kids all together” …For my ears of course!

OK it should be water off a ducks back, BUT it’s as if she was underlining (for my benefit) just how worthless we the “socially housed” are & how she decides whether the law applies & how it applies…

This week has been made worse, by one of my businesses websites playing up – Small Business owners will know this is a nightmare- PLUS its Sunday & I’m being treated (sarcasm) to Church Music at an obscene level as usual…. It’s just all tooo much sometimes.

I can’t even write anything profound & meaningful, I’m sorry.


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3 Responses to Sorry for the rant


  2. I cannot believe that they are allowed to behave like this simply because they are home owners. Such a clear message sent on the feelings of worth towards social housing tenants. Appalling really. Keep on spreading the word though.

    • Anna Maudsley says:

      That’s the problem when we have policy that decides ur human worth depending on what u actually own. Cheers Mrs T! I grew up on a council estate & recently moved from the periphery of another to a place where I only know 2 neighbours compared to several more I knew before. Its ridiculous that ur rights only apply as a home-owner; when did you last hear a bank re-possessing a house on the grounds that an adult child had committed an offence for instance?
      The irony is ur neighbours are bullying & harassing you in a way that would hav further reachig consequences for a social tenant.

      I’ll stop now, just realised I am verging on a rant too!

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