Cutting benefits because the working class/Lower income earners need to learn NOT to take extra £1000’s a year to top up their meagre salaries – while this goes on??? What planet am I living on????

Stephen Liddell

Today I thought I would write about something just a little bit more serious and contemporary for a change.  Over recent weeks there has been an ever increasing furore regarding large multinational companies which are either completely avoiding paying Corporate taxes or paying a derisory sum.  In times past this has been overlooked but with much of the Western world still mired in the 5th year of financial hardships, people around the world are realising more and more what is going on and they are getting more unhappy about it at a time when their individual incomes have been squeezed or cut altogether.

This is a global problem that many say can only be solved globally however I believe that it is time for leading nations to make a stand for themselves.  Typically in the U.K. for example many companies make huge profits from their operations here and yet their…

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