I am at a crossroads between anger & sadness at what is happening in the UK today – Please please sign this petition – please please stand up & say NO to the denigration of our society.. I despair at how this forced subjugation of the working classes is happening & most people seem to be looking the other way…. Including the people its happening too…

PLEASE talk to your children –

Get them to understand what’s going on – ITS THEM THAT ARE GOING TO SUFFER MOST….

Our Next generation are suffering

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Pride's Purge

(It’s not satire – unfortunately)

Sometimes I despair.

According to the DWP, foster parents who have a ‘spare’ bedroom they use for foster children will be hit by the government’s bedroom tax – but not parents of pupils at Eton.

The bedroom tax, which is being introduced in April 2013 as part of the government’s ‘reforms’ of housing benefits, will mean that a household that has an extra room for a current or potential foster child will be treated as ‘under-occupying’  (see here on page 8).

However, a household with children at a boarding school – such as Eton for example – will not have to pay any bedroom tax at all.

Why is seemingly nobody up in arms about this?

I always thought British people, regardless of our political differences, prided ourselves on our keen sense of fairness. Obviously I was wrong.

Just when exactly did we as a nation…

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