What is it with Private Landlords (I thought my HA was bad).

My response to what I can only describe as an inherent hatred for the Working Class who have to rely on Benefit top-ups.

I cant believe the attitude of those “haves” towards the “have-nots”.


Please read – Taken from the link below

From a LEEDS LANDLORD – “I am already refusing to take on anymore DSS/LHA tenants. They don’t deserve the standard I provide or the service in maintenance that I offer. 

A house with DSS/LHA gets more wear & tear cos they are sat there all day watching tv, yelling at their offspring whilst on medication smoking skunk/roll ups texting or occasionally venturing out to buy a scratch card.

Have you noticed that electric showers, electric ovens, washing machines & boilers need more repairs than normal private tenants. Ever wondered why? Well because they don’t pay utility bills; DSS/LHA end up on card/token meters. It is perceived that gas is more expensive than electric so the gas doesn’t get topped up as much. They use an electric shower to fill a bath & they leave the ovens open to warm the kitchen up!!

The washing machine is used to wash trainers which damage the internal fins. They never clean the filter & this causes bearings to go eventually. (I never supply white goods anymore anyway cos the tenants tend to steal these when they leave the property)

If we all refused to take on DSS?LHA going forward the government will soon force the local councils to accomodate OUR needs. A proper bond from the tenant, that might mean not going out to the pub for a few weeks that is equal to a minimum of two months rent & explained by the council that if they steal the HB or cause damage then they won’t get rehoused by anybody. Better still they could go to jail on a fast track basis. Landlords would then reconsider taking on these tenants. The law has to change in the landlords favour.

I finally decided to stop taking on DSS/LHA when reading a certain TRO comments on twitter one day. I thought its not only the tenant we have to endure but local gov officials as well. I decided there & then no more. When they don’t understand that there is an actual cost for us to providing properties. They then think we should pay out of our own pockets then ask for rent control well….   

“tenants on benefits could no longer be treated like children”  Why are we then having to debate the use of Tasker & credit unions to ringfence the HB? 

Since that decision I only have a few DSS/LHA tenants now just waiting on a baliff order on one & life has been a lot easier less stressfull & profit margins are up. Yes up. I charge less to private compared to three bed allowance but I make more cash as the wear & tear aka damage & stolen rent & actual management is much much less. The neighbours to these properties are much more appreciative too. 

No more DSS/LHA. Try it fellow landlords you won’t look back. Smile “


Yes I think UC claimants are in for an almighty shock when the LL says I don’t want you as a tenant anymore unless you comply with my terms for your living arrangements.

So no skunk, no smoking, no noisy obnoxious kids, no pit bull type dogs,No sitting around all day doing sod all.

If they don’t like the micro-management of their lives by a LL they know what they can do.

If they choose not to abide by a LL strictures then they will forfeit their tenancy and they can go and find another mug LL to take them on.

I reckon lots of LL will take the opportunity of UC to get rid of UC claimants and upgrade their properties via the Green Deal etc and rent out to a working and generally pleasanter type of tenant.

I would even want to see the JSA diary as to the work sourcing activity they have been engaging in.

Supposedly there will be increasing demands from private tenants for rental property and more LL will see this as an opportunity to dispense with UC claimants.

Of course there and will be UC claimants who will have faced a recent  change in employment  circumstances.

I think the question to be asked of UC tenants is how many generations of your family have been unemployed and what is the employment history of the claimant.”

Universal Credit – Landlords Discussion 

There are landlords on there I hope I never meet!

My response (not showing yet)

Years & years of policies that push people into accommodation they neither want to be in nor do they wish to have to claim benefits for is creating a social divide that’s crippling this country & comments like the ones above are playing into this scenario.

Totally unfair as only a very small percentage of Housing Benefit claimants don’t work –  As you said –  “with DSS/LHA gets more wear & tear cos they are sat there all day watching tv, yelling at their offspring whilst on medication smoking skunk/roll ups texting or occasionally venturing out to buy a scratch card.”” As this (obviously very caring) landlord has stated.

If the sensible options were taken, such as redress the balance of more Social Housing & less private rented accommodation with ridiculous rental values, people may not have to rely on Housing Benefit & would have a “Home of their own” to feel proud of. As it is at the moment, many people are being forced to rent at extortionate rate & claim a Benefit they don’t want!

Plus, they have to deal with bigotry like this shown above!

Not everyone claiming a benefit or in Social Housing is morally/socially or educationally inferior  In fact your comments prove that money & home ownership doesn’t guarantee educated argument at all!

Benefits Bashing doesnt add up!

Educate yourselves – Do something worthwhile rather than blaming the sheep who are being forced into these situations, Blame the farmers!

(That’s an analogy, in case you are struggling).

Why do homeowners (Landlords) believe they have the rights (Shown by the people above) to force themselves into our personal lives, Just because we are renting?

If the rents weren’t so extortionate, many people wouldn’t even claim HB!

Bigotry / discrimination that is happening daily & even encouraged???

I am aghast at this – This is why my life has been hell for ten years – People assuming things about 

other people they know nothing about!

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13 Responses to What is it with Private Landlords (I thought my HA was bad).

  1. heather says:

    I live in social housing, I have children, check, and I currently don’t work, check, ohhh, and i’m a claimant of benefits’, however, I have a degree, but need a job that pays £1300, this amount doesn’t include childcare costs’..There is no-one who is willing to employe me on qualifications alone, and I can’t get any experience, though I have tried..only to be treated with contempt..I spend 16 hours a day on my feet, I don’t have a car, so, everything I do on an average day is done on foot…now, I know it’s selfish of me having three children, and upps, did I mention that I’m also, a single mother…Ye, their father left us with no money…I don’t shout or hit my kids, they both have higher than average IQ’s, and I live on an estate…now, what you’ve just read, is a massive generalisation, I suggest you take it with a pinch of salt…..Just cos, we are on benefits’ doesn’t mean, that we are all anti-social, disfunctional and criminals….Thanks

    • You sound like you are in the same situation I found myself in a while back Heather – I feel for you as I totally understand the trap we get caught in & the bigotry & discrimination we face, even before anyone meets us.
      Many of us have to claim “benefits” to top-up our hard-earned incomes, just to meet with the costs of living a very basic lifestyle.
      I (along with others) have my own opinions on how we the Low/Middle income earners could be helped whilst also tackling the Welfare system as a whole, BUT as these idea’s don’t play into the “Vulnerable – needy & benefits scroungers” perceptions of Landlords/Politicians/Homeowners/Authorities, they are not listened to.
      Personally, I am sick of being labelled (as the website above does) by people who don’t know me & have never walked in my shoes.
      I am now asking the questions & judging by my Facebook Page & Twitter account – Others are asking the same questions too…
      On a personal note, Don’t feel too dispondant – Discrimination/Bigotry of many forms has always existed & its only a matter of time before we all realise whats going on & overthrow it…
      I applaud you for raising the next generation of this country, by yourself & in hard circumstances & I hope they will ask the questions that need to be asked too X


  2. Nadia_H says:

    That’s awful. And the hypocrisy of it stinks! In London, in the flat I currently rent privately, I’ve had leaking pipes, black mould which has affected my health, a mouse, broken bathroom fixtures…problems I never encountered living in council housing.

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  4. Having been served notice from my private rented place I must have made near 200 phone calls to agencies and landlords looking for a new place for my children and I to live. Not once was I invited to view a property once I disclosed I get Housing benefit. More then once the phone was simply put down on me once I’d uttered those words.

    Not one agent or landlord was interested in who I am. It all meant nothing with the addition of housing benefits. Because the second a person claims all decent, honest and hard working traits are instantly erased from a persons personality apparently….

    Good post though. I’ve seen the attitudes first hand but to see them written down was an eye opener!

    • Dear Homelessmummy,
      As I said to Heather above, I feel for you as I have been in a situation similar & yes – The perceptions far outweigh anything you can do to change them… Its a terrible stealth discrimination & one that’s getting worse by the day. I am Marching on October 20th with the hope that someone somewhere will finally realise that tarring people with a brush of “Benefits/Rented housing equals second class/morally corrupt” is tantamount to discrimination en par to racism & sexism etc.
      Chin up XX

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