I hate the weekend – more abuse!


Typical Sunday in “Second Class” Land.

Today started typically, Loud music at a terrible level from my adjourning neighbour. I’ve had just over 7 hours of it now.

My mother (in her 70’s, with dementia) is with me today & has again (for the umpteenth time) asked me why she can hear “church music”. Again I have to explain it’s the neighbour next door, She puts on loud church music on a Sunday to “Save me” as I am a “demon prostitute who hatches eggs on people” (The neighbours words to the police).

The neighbour has the law on her side, she can (& has) subjected my daughters & I to this noise legally as she is a private owner. I however cannot retaliate as the second my TV (I don’t have a stereo) would go over a certain decibel, I would be in “Breach of Tenancy”.

As she is private – the law applies to her (NOT her landlords law, but the reallaw) & this real law is upheld by the police, who do not want to get involved in this “neighbour dispute” so despite the evidence & witnesses, they allow this persecution of us. We however have no recourse & no right to retaliate.

The noise is like a drip drip torture that is being used alongside other method’s by the private owners who want the “council scum” out of their affluent area.

Myself & my children have received apologies from our landlord that they are powerless to stop this harassment, but that doesn’t help – we will soon be into year 9/10.

We all know that too much noise has serious psychological consequences, especially in children. At one New York school, pupils in classrooms facing an overground subway track fell a year behind pupils elsewhere in the building; similar effects have been linked to noise from Heathrow. After 1992, when Munich closed its old airport and opened a new one, academic performance rose at schools near the old site and fell near the new facility, while pupils’ stress hormone levels went in the opposite direction. Other studies suggest noise reduces our willingness to act generously towards strangers. And that’s not to mention the possible effects on physical health, which may include increased risk of heart attacks.

I have been treated for hypertension since 2004 – my doctor had no idea why the blood pressure was so bad – I have now been told its affected my sight & my heart. All we can deduce is the stress from this situation & the noise etc has adversely affected my health.

I also feel for my children who have had years of “ council scum, benefit cheats, lazy bastards” screamed at them by the private owners. (All on camera or witnessed) along with accusations of mistreatment which has at points led to my children being checked over by the police – due to the Private neighbours being able to play into a system that I as a socially housed person have no rights to access.

I truly believe this has adversely affected my girls.

Although they are all very self sufficient, they have also had the wings clipped “Metaphorically” as they know they have to listen to the abuse I get & not retaliate, as I will be in “breach of Tenancy”.

Well, While I am writing this, My mother has again asked why she can hear Church Music….. I want to Scream but cant… Inwards I’m crying….

I’m crying inside because, this is over 8 years of noise I haven’t chosen to hear, I can’t control it in any way, all it means to me is underlining the noise-maker’s contempt for me. I’ve lived between two sets of Private neighbours for 20 years & in the last 8/9 since my divorce I have been ridiculed, labelled, targeted, written about, Lied about, sworn at & spat at, along with numerous other tactics of bullying, BUT the one thing that is constant & the same every weekend is the noise…..

Its driving me insane…..

I just want to be able to use the same laws as someone who pays their “Rent/mortgage to a bank – The difference is, I am seen as second class due to my housing status & therefore not helped by the authorities, But told to be “Needy & require help” from my landlord.

Sadly the only help I get is “We apologise, we can’t do anything, BUT we will move you to get you away from them” as prosecuting the perpetrators is too expensive..

Also, even though my landlord is aware of everything that’s happening, they will still investigate any complaint about me from the perpetrators, due to their commitment as a “Socially Caring Landlord” …..

The UK is going to pot & the unjust, unequal laws pushed by those who want to create a class divide (already done) are breaking the backbone of Britain & putting power in the hands of bigots & megalomaniacs.


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  1. Maz says:

    I just don;t get it. The opposite happened to me, I own my house and my neighbour was council and made my life hell. At least we have the councils anti social team who would deal with your neighbour.. I wish I could help and I don’t know how you can stand it for so long..I hope it changes soon , you really deserve better.

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