Smoke & Mirrors!

I’ve been sent a link from a concerned Social Housing tenant, one who I must say immediately is being forced into the “needy trap” like many of us are.

He is working, but earns a low wage with top-ups of Housing Benefit enabling him to just meet his financial commitments (typical LMI demographic).

He like me, didn’t know what to do as it was becoming more & more apparent to him that something very big was wrong with how this country works.

So having found my group on Facebook & having shared his story with me, we have (along with a few hundred others) realised we MUST make a stand soon.

This new story he has sent me has infuriated me.

It again is the old “Miss-direction” trick – Look at the brilliant headline (aimed at immediately filling everyone with hope) & then realise this is aimed at those first time buyers who can “afford” to get onto the property ladder (in Mark Prisks own words – “Not raiding the Bank of Mum & Dad).  Clearly this isn’t aimed at working class, low income earners who currently languish in Private rented accommodation in a Housing Benefit trap nor those in Social housing, which drains us of 80% of our income… NO this is aimed squarely at the demographic the Government want the Home-owners to come from!

Multi- Million Pound Investment in First Time Buyers!

You will no doubt see this all over the news! Jubilant faces smiling as they think they are being helped.

Please read closer into the story – where is the money going?

I quote – “Mr Prisk confirmed that £40million will go to 41 developers”

Just under £1million each guaranteed, with opportunity to bid for some of the overall £240 Million – NOW do you think the owners of those developers are Socially Housed people, LME’s, On Benefits?

NO They are rich property developers who are Home/Business owners – who their friends in Government are now bailing out to the tune of £41million (Taxpayers money – Bear in mind almost 90% of Housing Benefit recipients are in work & pay Tax! Their Housing Benefit goes to their Landlords).

Now I am not the only one asking these questions –

The Landlords are property owners/developers are they not?

The Tenants are LMI’s / Working Classes who cant afford to buy are they not?

The Housing Benefit goes to the Landlords does it not?

The above investment has gone to Property Developers/Owners has it not?

This is aimed at getting young adults to not raid Bank of “mum & dad” – to help them into their own property is it not?

So the Young adults parents cant be in the demographic of the Tenants above, as if they were “bank of mum & dad” material, they wouldn’t be in Rental accommodation  so this is aimed at the children of Home-Owners is it not?

So the only people benefiting are the Home-Owners/Property Developers/ Young adults from a certain demographic…..

Please wake up Britain!


On the same Government website – I searched for “Social Housing” (which is value housing for all, not the “affordable” jargon, just good old fashioned homes you can be proud of) & what did I get as the First piece of info on that search criteria-

Tenancy Fraud 

You tell me what you think!


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