Just because you have the Word “Affordable” it doesn’t make it so! – We need “Social Housing” in this country – a Home available to everyone who needs it, NOT just those enforced “needy” or the wealthy – What about the Working class/Low to middle income earners… This is a shambolic travesty! Excellent Post!


Its Already BEGUN – Bet you didn’t see this in the news as you were looking the other way 


The typical trick of Miss-direction!

Shameful if we as a people let it continue!


Red Brick


Following FoI requests, the price of the ‘Affordable Rent’ programme is becoming clear.  

  • The average ‘affordable rent’ per unit will be £6,909 a year, ranging from  £5,195 in the North East and Yorkshire to £9,487 in London (over £182 a week).
  • More than 82,000 social rented homes will be hijacked – ie ‘converted’ to ‘affordable rent’ in England – to inject an estimated £90 million a year into the scheme to help pay for it.

The Government’s ‘Affordable Rent’ programme has been a mysterious affair.  Never has a programme been invented, promoted, negotiated and implemented with such little information being available to anyone wanting to scrutinise whether it might meet housing objectives and achieve reasonable value for money.

‘Affordable Rent’ is hugely controversial, for several reasons.  First it means the virtual abandonment of the social rented programme as we have known it for decades.  Secondly, it moves rent levels…

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