Well, My weekend has started, much like many others, with the Private Owners standing outside my home – Gathering for their ritualistic “point & ridicule”.

I went outside to my car – to get something from the boot – Bear in mind, this is MY car (not on Finance, Not borrowed – MINE), On MY driveway outside MY home (The Social Housing property that I pay for).

I am greeted by the Neighbours, talking loudly about the “Scum” & how can they get rid of them – pointing in my direction.

At the moment their weapon of choice is a fence… Yes you heard right.

After 8 years of ridiculous complaints about my car, my girls, my dog, my cats, my pond, my beating my children (of course investigated & vindicated), my growing the wrong sort of bushes in my garden, my washing machine being too noisy, my laugh being too noisy, me Jumping on cars in the street at 3 am with my daughters boyfriend (arrested, investigated & vindicated, off course it never happened), my choice in men (yes I was actually investigated because I had a boyfriend sleep over once in 8 years & they wrote a complaint about him being “under-age” inferring I was a paedophile; which of course he wasn’t & I am NOT a paedophile), now totalling over 500 complaints & needing some new avenues, the weapon of choice is the Environmental Services Department & a “fence”.

Bear in mind its the fence which is my responsibility (my side boundary) & has been replaced by my landlord to the private neighbours whims 3 times in 2 months  (whereas If I wanted it changed, They DON’T do Fences!)….

During this time she has also wanted to take some of my front garden – which after a bit of a fight, I have just given up – as my landlord has said it will cost too much money to fight legally, so let her have it. SO she now has had my fence lowered, so she can shout over it at us & moved over into our garden by a foot by MY landlord. All to “keep the Private Owner quiet” – Well quiet for the authorities, BUT I get the abuse still.

Anyway, back to today, which as it is a nice day, some of them spend time screaming at me, or more “Stealth-attacking” with the “gatherings” outside my home… Its easy to do & is explained away to the “Authorities” as just chit-chat, as I live in an affluent suburb  so “Nice Home-owners” wouldn’t be doing horrible things like this now would they???

Even with video evidence, witnesses etc – the Authorities “Know” the nice Private owners wouldn’t do it!!!!

So I have grabbed my diary from my boot & run back indoors to the sounds of “Yes, I have got XXXXXXXX (insert Housing Association name) to come back again next week, (laughter), They have to move it again”.

The other Private Owners laugh Loudly – The cackle I know so well  The one that makes my blood boil & yet makes me shiver at the same time… The one they use when they are together & I, a single woman who is working her fingers to the bone, is alone…….

There is no one who will help me, I’ve tried The Authorities – Landlord who says its too expensive to prosecute them, Police who seem to find it hard to believe the evidence of their own officers who have witnessed the spitting, name-calling, swearing & have also witnessed them stating they categorically want the Social Housing Scum out, wont help as they believe its down to my landlord to address. The ombudsman whom I contacted 4 years ago, when up to 300 complaints against me told me to go through the Local Authority complaints procedure myself – Basically tit-for-tat… (I’m working 3 jobs at the moment, just to stay afloat & provide for my family & ensure NO_ONE ELSE pays for me or them so when would I have the time to complain about their, noisy laugh/annoying cat & to be honest I don’t want to!).

I have set up this site, Twitter & the Facebook site, basically as sometimes I feel so alone, BUT what it has given me is a sense of purpose, after over 250 emails, tales of woe like mine – I cant let other people – GOOD people go through this… Become second class & have no where to turn when being persecuted, purely because they are Socially Housed…. Things have to change!!!

Oh how I wish it would rain & they would go away 😦


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7 Responses to Oh PLEASE RAIN!

  1. skwalker1964 says:

    Where do you live?! It sounds like hell. Don’t feel alone – you’re not, and not only other socially-housed people are with you. I’d be ashamed to have neighbours like this – and if they had any self-awareness at all, they’d be ashamed of themselves, too. It’s this kind of blinkered, myopic self-righteousness that allows the Tories to exist 😦

  2. Anubeon says:

    This is harrowing to hear! It’s almost beyond belief that any civilised human being would act like this, although I have witness the unparalleled ignorance of the self-described middle-classes (all to often little more than ill-educated, propagandised, wilfully ignorant wannabe petty bourgeoisie) to often to dismiss your accounts of woe out of hand. I hope you find some relief from these malodorous fools soon, maybe one day your landlord will grow a spine (perhaps if you demanded a rent decrease owing to the reduction in your front garden⸮).

    Here’s an idea. Why not name and shame these fools; post your videos and photos online for all too see. If the authorities won’t do anything, you’ve little choice but to take it into your own hands and use the power of social pressure (shunning) to your advantage (much like what they are doing, only retaliatory rather than abusive). Maybe if you held a mirror up to this shameless bullies, they’d realise how terribly shameful their behaviour is (and perhaps they’ll stop reading the Daily Mail/Daily Express – one can dream).

    Good luck, and again, sorry to hear of your woes.


  3. Steve CK says:

    Good god, this is appalling. I’m a social housing tenant myself. This makes me glad that I live in an area where social housing is a huge part of the area and part of the area’s history as well. You just don’t get this kind of daily mail demonisation. If they were worth the energy I would despise these kind people that you mention. They live their petty little lives in a bubble and eventually die not having experienced and fully appreciated what it means to be human in the world today. They stick to a strictly defined path and have often never had to even think about deviating from it. As with many scenario’s like this, if they had to work 3 jobs to keep a roof over their heads it would be such an eye opener for them they’d likely cave in and die of shock.

    As hateful as they are, as petty as they are, you can be proud that you’ve got what it takes to keep your family going with strength and perseverance to a level they couldn’t comprehend. You don’t stoop to their level either, so in fact you can hold your head up high and remind yourself that in fact, you’re a better class of person than they will ever be.

  4. Steve CK says:

    Sorry, that should of said “these kind of people”, not “these kind people”!!

  5. I wish I could name & shame, BUT cant as to be frank, I am even worried just by writing this that people may work out who I am…. I would be in Breach of my (Over-managed, & enforced second-class status) Tenancy if I so much as look at them the wrong way (& Yes they have complained to my Landlord about me “looking” at them before…
    I do however value everyone that takes the time to comment, let alone read my blog…
    I appreciate the support & will continue to live by —–

    I will also continue to fight to have UK Social Housing back up to where it should be, a national treasure, not a national disgrace… Somewhere you can feel proud of…. Somewhere you can live in peaceful enjoyment of your home regardless of who you pay your rent/mortgage to…..
    We need to take the “Namby-pamby, Hand holding & interfering” parts of the Social Housing Landlords away, Keep the service, BUT make them separate….
    Put the focus of the Social Housing Landlord back to providing HOUSING….
    Allowing everyone an equal right to it – NOT just the “Vulnerable/needy”. (Forcing people to dumb-down/have problems, just so they can have the basic human right of a roof over their head).
    Thank you for following – I am Going to fight!

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