With all this talk from the various political parties (People who will probably NEVER need social housing) going on, I again thought I would just state the obvious – although the very much overlooked fact –

Maybe, we need to look at the European way of housing; – where renting is not only prevalent, but it is also considered the norm!

For far too long, The UK populace has been conned into being obsessed with the idea of owning our own home.
Sure, it’s a great thing if you can do it, but look where it’s got us!

Basically to a place where a very few can comfortably afford to buy a property & the vast majority of the population are very much maligned & misunderstood just because they are not homeowners!

Because of this craziness, many are forced into renting at absurdly high prices, with being forced to accept hand-outs (Yes forced, as they just can’t afford the rents) thereafter, as a “tenant”  the law is stacked against them at every turn.

There is just not enough Social Housing available at an affordable rent level – Much is kept at around 80% rental value of private homes. This practice puts “Benefits” payments straight into the pockets of private owners & greedy Landlords (YES Housing Associations/Councils ARE greedy landlords in some circumstances; needing these payments to bolster their “Morality/vulnerability police departments”).

So if you can’t afford to buy & you can’t get social housing? What do you do?

Assuming your earning and not on benefits, you’re looking at a hefty initial payment. It’s a month and a half rent deposit, plus the first month’s rent, plus agency fees, plus check-in fees.

When you move to another rental, you need to find that money all over again, because you don’t get your deposit back until after the new deposit is due!

Of course, all of the above is going to someone’s pocket.. Do you think it’s someone living on the poverty line in Social housing or someone benefiting from the many years of “buy buy” initiative’s aimed at those that can??

We need a comprehensive overhaul; We need a massive boost to the foundations of this country – That’s the working class man & woman.

We need them to be able to have a home to come back to after a day’s work, to relax & feel safe in.

One they pay a decent & fair rent for – a rent that invests back into more homes for their children to rent.

Good Solid social Housing….A cyclical thing

Remember no matter how many bricks you buy, at the end of this game (life) it all goes back in the box.




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