An emotionally written response

And now we have Ed Balls version of “how to win the political debate on housing” He is proposing (at the Labour conference) to boost the economy by using a £3bn windfall from the sale of the 4G mobile phone spectrum to build 100,000 affordable homes.”.

In a move that sees him change from the former direction of attacking the debt situation & investing in housing, you could be forgiven for thinking Labour have finally got the working class man (woman) back at the heart of their policies;

Balls is estimating that the sale will raise £3bn and proposes to spend £2.5bn to build 100,000 affordable homes, allocating the remaining £500m for a two-year stamp-duty break period for first-time buyers on properties worth up to £250,000.

This is not a new “Affordable homes” idea though as The Liberal Democrats have also called for a large house building programme, but said it could be funded by guaranteeing funding for Housing associations.

Anyone with a vested interest in this & by anyone I mean YOU!  Should know that there has been a massive (almost 70%) drop in the building of affordable homes  in the last 2 years – this translates to around 120,000 construction jobs – NOW where do you think those workers come from (what backgrounds) & who do you think needs housing

Please see the bigger picture…

I’m afraid in “MP” speak – affordable homes means – Sold to the richer end of society at a knock-down price while the working class & Low to Middle income earners languish on waiting lists perpetuated by the enforced criteria of “Be needy/be vulnerable” or you won’t get any help…

What we really need is a policy where the people of the UK who are unemployed & who don’t want to be (which contrary to the media, is the vast majority) are offered a “Build for your future” chance.

Finance home building schemes through utilising the skills of people out of work, pay them their “Benefits” but ask them to work on houses, that they will have a “Higher” right to apply for…

Bring back the feeling of PRIDE in having your own Social Housing property – That feeling that the media & successive government legislation has knocked out of us.

But this isn’t the only answer!

Stop just assuming the higher earning end / upper class (for want of a better description) in the UK are the only way of pulling us out of recession!

The government needs to realise that to build a society that works, people need to feel valued for the part they play. The Low to middle income earners in the UK are being left behind/squeezed out.

We, and by we I mean the secretaries, the cleaners, the plumbers, the brickies, the classroom assistants, the lollypop ladies, the dinner supervisors etc etc are being treated as second class. We may NEVER be able to afford to buy a home, NOR may we want to so why can’t we be allowed to live like that?

Why, because of that fact are we treated immediately as degenerates with low intelligence, low morals, low social capability?

What we also need is an end to the them & us divide that is now so wide I despair at the headlines I regularly read..

It’s like I live in 2 worlds every day.

I work with lovely people, in gorgeous environments, but go home to what many of them would consider to be an “Asbo-life” purely because I don’t own my home.

Many of the people I have met over the last ten years or so, who are in the upper earnings tax bracket, or who own high end homes are oblivious to my housing status as I couldn’t possibly be “One of those people”.

I want to be able to say, I am proud I pay for my home – all be it to a Social Housing landlord & not to a bank via a mortgage,

I want to be able to say – All laws apply equally to me & my neighbour (BUT I cant).

I want to be able to say – The Government that I & many like me elected, speak for us (But they don’t as they have no idea of how it is to live in the UK as a second class citizen).

Apologies for the rant – BUT I’m so fed up of the MP’s pontificating about housing when what they really mean is – Their children & grandchildren will have houses they can afford to buy, built by the working class whose own children will have no chance of having their own home.

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