The end of a typical weekend

I was going to blog about the things that have happened this weekend from the “What the FXXK are you looking at” being mouthed at me by the private neighbours as they gather together in the usual intimidating gang, to the letting down of 2 of my tyres on my car (They are obviously bored of keying it/throwing liquids over it).

But now, at quarter to 6 on Sunday evening I can hardly hear myself think, as the Private homeowner I am joined too by a wall has again chosen to “Save her soul as she is a demon & is foul ” (her words to the authorities about me) & is playing church music so loud, my Lounge is out of bounds for me & my daughter.

I have 7 years of witnesses, Environmental Health Wardens recordings, Video’s, PCSO’s witness to it, Friends & family (who no longer visit) Yet due to my housing status, I can do nothing & have to endure this.

Usually she puts it on & goes out – her excuse for this to the authorities is, it soothes her to know that burglars can hear the music from outside the house & therefore wont break in… This excuse is acceptable to police if you own your home.

Myself, I don’t have a stereo (Actually something I have had the authorities verify by letting them search my house) However if the neighbour feels like complaining about my loud music to my landlord, I receive a breach of tenancy letter & a visit (despite them knowing I don’t have a stereo).

So I’m going to take my laptop into the kitchen & cook my daughter & I some Spaghetti Bolognese & try to ignore the warbling church music…

I hope you have all had a better weekend than mine XX

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