Emails Received & a realisation!

I have had a weird start to my weekend, from trying really hard to ignore the private neighbours who blight my life & cause me so much pain & distress, to feeling so humbled by the emails & messages I’ve received from people in the same situation as I am.

I have responded to about 80% now & am working through the rest, I am taking time as I don’t want to “Knee-jerk” as that would make me as bad as the Housing Authorities who cause their tenants distress by reacting that way, spouting “laws” & “social policies” to justify the interference which mars so many of our lives.

I’ve found myself being pulled in a direction that I wasn’t aware I would – That of tenants claiming benefits & feeling even more marginalised than I am… I never thought it was possible.

I’ve had 8 years of the Private Owners Shouting at me – “Benefit Claiming Scum” & it hurt because I wasn’t – NOW I realise there are people out there who ARE claiming help & with genuine reasons, who sadly receive the same ill-treatment by Private Owners, with even more sadly, no recourse -& I realise that must hurt them even more…… AND I apologise profusely to the people in that situation for thinking my case was worse than their’s!.

I have been asked to look at their stories – at bedroom tax – at universal credit, at personal independence payments, Things I’ve never even considered.

Its even more poignant as the majority of these subjugated, tenants are feeling “enforced vulnerability”. They are told they cant be helped unless they are “needy”.

(Just as Claire Fox said!)

In the words of a tenant from Shropshire – Show you have some common sense/a brain & they leave you to your own devices (unless they are investigating even more complaints) – languishing under years of torment & pressure

I will be looking at the above next week – Whilst obviously still pushing to get the Number 1 priority of my campaign to the forefront of where-ever I can – That being:-

MAKE LAWS APPLY EQUALLY regardless of Housing Status

Treat Tenants equally to private owners – Give us back the ability to be proud of our homes.

MAKE HOUSING AUTHORITIES DEAL WITH HOUSING – Any & all other issues should be dealt with by the correct authorities

Why am I here?

Proud to be Working Class – Will NEVER be Second Class

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