Fight or Flight? – For the many who’ve contacted me – ITS A FIGHT!!!

I’ve received an email today from my Landlord – Outlining the fact that they are powerless to stop the private tenants from making up complaints (to play the system & force investigations).

The landlord has to (by Stealth Discrimination Law) investigate each one & they are apologising to me for this However they see no option but to offer me a move – Fully funded by them, (they will organise movers, organise people to help with putting up my internal decor at the new property, pay for people to dig my Koi Pond up & safely transport it etc).

This is to stop the Private Owners (In I hasten to add, exactly the same houses, just bought by Right-To-Buy) from complaining. (The Landlord has confirmed they will probably not put a Socially Housed tenant in my property again due to this).

After being in my home for 20 years I fail to see why just because I am Socially Housed I am forced into this situation. I also fail to see why hard working tax payers such as me & YOU have to pay for all these investigations & possibly a very expensive move. I know it’s because of the Stealth laws utilised by diversifying Landlords & as I’ve stated previously Claire Fox had it completely right (Click on link for speech). BUT should I be forced to leave? I don’t think its right! Why can’t we have equal rights as tenants???

Would it surprise you to learn I am in a “Nice” area of South London – One where property Prices have risen despite the recession.

An area where the “Social Housing” has declined as tenants have moved on, the Houses have been sold?

Anyone who says Social Cleansing isn’t happening – I hope you never find yourself labelled – regardless of whether that label is (never in my opinion) deserved. As no amount of proving your innocence, No amount of Paying your way, employing people (actually even helping some of the locals get jobs), No amount of maintaining dignity in the face of spitting & swearing neighbours can ever take away the stigma that has been forced upon the “Socially Housed” over the last decade; by nannying -self-appointed , draconian, governing housing bodies, which should be concerning themselves with providing affordable housing – NOT investigating their tenants Social/moral/education/financial/parental capabilities on the whim of a complaint by a Private Owner.

I am dreading the weekend – as this is the time when my particular neighbours know I am usually home alone & I am barraged with abuse – from slamming gates – screaming at my dog – hurling things over my garden – Playing loud music at all hours (& complaining its coming from my house) – spitting at me & my children to having complaints about me doing just the above to the Private Owners… Sad thing is, their complaints about me will elicit a response from my Landlord (the place they can go to complain) – My complaints about them have to go to the Authorities such as the police & then I am told it’s a “Civil Matter” & why don’t I just move. Therefore, I don’t bother any more.

I have 7 years of recordings, diary sheets, witnesses (police, wardens, council officials, friends) yet am unable to even get a warning given to the Private Owners – They however get me a “Breach of tenancy” letter with one email…

So its Fight or Flight!

I’m so so tired of this – I was 35 & my youngest daughter was 9 when this started, I’m 46 & she’s 19 now.

Right – That’s enough of that!

I have had email after email from people in the same situation as me – forcibly  “stealth – discriminated” into an under-class state & I am ready for a fight now!

Facebook for Socially Housed Tenants

I have already written to the Housing Minister & Shadow Housing Minister & have plans to widen the net.

I want the laws changed!

Don’t you?

Have a lovely weekend everyone in the same position as me – I will sleep better knowing I am not alone & so should you! There is strength in numbers.


Proud to be Working Class – NEVER going to be Second Class!

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24 Responses to Fight or Flight? – For the many who’ve contacted me – ITS A FIGHT!!!

  1. An email I’ve received – showing that the “Move tenants on” approach is prevalent across the UK.

    “”””I was just reading some of the stories posted on here and thought id add one of my own, earlier this year i was living in a 3 bed property in yorkshire with my four children and a lovely little cat……..unfortunatly my cat was attacked by a neighbours dog and killed in front of my children……i buried the garden and was then ordered by the housing association to dig up the cat as burying it was anti social and i would be in breach of my tenancy if i refused.
    I have since had to relocate into privately rented housing as for the private neighbour with the vicious cat hating dog……she of course stayed””””

    This is just 1 of about 6 so far saying they have been forced to move due to Private Owners complaints & the Social Landlord not being able to do anything / not willing to do anything, but move the tenant on.

  2. I have been told today that my Landlord have re-thought & cannot pay for the move – BUT still want me to go, to alleviate the problems (as they are worried about my health & stress levels due to the ongoing harassment). So not only am I expected to give up my home of 20 years, I am expected to pay for the privilege of doing so & leave behind a £2000 Koi pond (maybe even the thousands of pounds worth of koi in it also)…Plus, I have also been told, until this fiasco ends, I am still to be subjected to the same laws/rules as always ie: treated second class even though the landlord is well aware of the situation.
    I am so glad I have started the support group & have met so many people –
    there is strength in numbers
    I am going to fight for us all!

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  4. F Thomson says:

    how did you afford a koi pond if you can’t pay for gas? Are they not expensive to keep? There are many people living in total squallor through no fault of their own, not in nice areas of London. I can see where you’re comong from but I find your comments quite self indulgent.Surely you would be cheaper buying a second hand washing machine and freezer rather than renting them at a cost of £600 per year. Sorry.

  5. F Thomson says:

    A Tory!! Never never never!! With the £50 you pay for renting those items, you could buy them second hand, that’s all I’m saying. I am socialist through and through actually, and I deal with REAL hardship on a daily basis. Suppose you popped down to your local library to get internet access to reply? The people I work with cannot afford a land line, never mind a laptop or a mobile. Get real.

    • You are unbelievable.
      You are playing right into what the gov want – Fight your neighbour / Squabble over £50 while they live off of our
      hard work & suffering.
      I suggest you do some more research.
      & far from being self-indulgent & sitting at home “keyboard warrioring” – Some of us hold down 3-4 jobs, whilst having treatment for
      illness’s that other people sit back & claim benefits for.
      I suggest you should worry less about my £50 & worry more about the Millions & millions of pounds
      my tax / your tax pays towards the “elite” lifestyles.
      Personally, I am NOT a socialist/liberal/democrat/autocrat/fruit bat blah blah blah.
      I am a woman – providing for my family in extremely difficult times…Which are made worse by comments like yours!
      Well done.

  6. F Thomson says:

    Just for the record, I did not say I paid for your pond. i too have worked all of my adult life, never claimed benefits but just don’t whinge about it.

    • Maybe if you did , we wouldnt have mass starvation in this country.
      Maybe if you put this effort into campaigning to CHANGE the way things are, we wouldnt have pensioners dieing from
      hyperthermia, children going to school hungry & millions of hard working decnt people suffering.

  7. F Thomson says:

    Blah blah blah. get on with it. How can you afford a computer? Bet you’re one of those tree huggers that goes on campaigns against new roads and wind farms.Try moving to a war torn country or famine hit region. Then you can moan about having no gas. These folk have no WATER never mind gas!!!

  8. F Thomson says:

    Bet you had a high old time in the eighties in your house in a nice part of London. I don’t agree with the bankers squandering my hard earned cash any more than you do, but posting hard luck stories aint gonna change things either!!

    • In the 80’s I was working in south london and renting. Not that any of that is relevant.
      I do hug trees and I was not and never will be living off of other peoples missfortune.
      I can afford a computer because I work every day (including weekends).
      I choose to work. I could life on disability but I don’t!
      Unlike your good self. I help people who are trapped in this nightmare by providing free advice and help when needed. (work related etc). What I won’t do is get sucked into the missdirection game that you have fell foul of. Ie hate and berate your neighbour. Who is in the same struggle as you. As I you do this you won’t see the real story which is the gov taking away you feedom little by little. I could quite simply remove these hate filled comments but they serve a purpose.

      As many people in low to middle income homes are doing as the gov says they should and are diligently watching and complaining about their struggling neighbours. The government is sneaking into your homes (if you are lucky enough to still have one) and stealing your liberty.

      educate yourself before its too late!

  9. F Thomson says:

    Anyway, should you not be at work?

  10. F Thomson says:

    Get on with it then!! No wonder you are in a poor paid job, using your employers time!! I would get shot if I used a computer in the works time!!

  11. F Thomson says:

    Story keeps changing methinks.On benefits/never claimed benefits, 7 miles to got to work/works from home, £2000 fish pond/wasn’t expensive. And as for your repeated references to the govt wanting neighbours to hate each other, you seem to be doing a pretty good job of that yourself!! Don’t ever move next door to me!!
    Your comment ‘unlike your good self I help people etc etc’ you don’t have a clue what I do for a living.
    We obviously will never see eye to eye on many things so I am not going to waste any more of my valuable time on you.
    Have a peacefull Christmas and don’t start too many fights. tis the season of goodwill after all.x

  12. Oh dear,
    I feel Ms/Mr Thompson has had a boring weekend & is needing to Troll & start arguments.

    Again, I wont delete the comments, as I could, as this form of rudeness/bigtry is inherrant in the UK today & something we all need to join together & stamp out.

    The comment stating “dont move next door to me” & “Dont start too many fights” smack very much of the bigotry I face from the “elitist” private owners I am surrounded by.

    Its fed into by the media & Government PR machines – ensuring they pit citizen against citizen, without them even knowing each other, or their story.
    This is so while everyone is in-fighting, the government are carving up out heritage & selling it off to the highest bidder.

    So, Mr/ms Thompson, I hope you are able to ride out this tragic time, by holding onto your obviously distaste for people like me & by wrapping your coatfirmly round you (after-all its everyone elses fault that they are cold isnt it!, they should sacrifice more, give up things they have worked their whole lives for & then they wouldnt have to complain!).

    Personally I will be writing letters to MP’s, marching when needed, volunteering in charities & getting the tru story of the “Greed is good” politics & legislation which the Con-dems are killing this country with. I DONT believe the best way to help this country is to bury my head , wrap MYSELF up & berate those who are strugg;ig – Personally – I will fight (even for people like you).

  13. F Thomson says:

    Save your energy. I fight my own corner. Wrap up warm now.

  14. How about you stop hiding behind your keyboard. Lol.

  15. Stephen says:

    Ive been following this blog for a few months & I am grateful someon has the nuts to stand up for what they believe in, even when they are facing adversity themselves.
    I havent left any comments until now.
    I just wanted to say to Sociallyhoused, please dont take any notice of the Thomson persons comments.
    They are NOT indicative of the populace you are speaking for. The Low/middle income earners. which in Tory language is anyone earning circa £27000.
    We need people like you. Articulating how we feel.
    The comments telling you to wrap up warm are cruel & just show the contempt for the working classes that some people have.
    If they carry on, Just delete them. its just a Troll.
    Stephen R

  16. F Thomson says:

    getting a bit boring now.

    First of all, you seem to have a ready made profile of me so I would like to set the record straight.
    1. You accuse me of bigotry, hatred and less than sympathetic to people who find themselves, through no fault of their own, in an unfortunate situation.
    2. You suggest, on several occaions that I am ignorant, silly and uneducated.
    3. You and your ecowarrior chum Stephen have come to the conclusion that I am a middle class, private sector worker with no respect for anyone or anything apart from myself.
    4. You have accused me of posting vile and evil comments on your very much one way blog ( you have proved this by not posting the comment about you misspelling my name -(your blog, your rules) Fair enough.
    5. I have aready pointed out that I am not a Tory suppoter but your chum Stephen has obviously not read the whole conversation.

    Now, where do I start?

    In answer to allegation No 1, I of all people have the utmost sympathy/empathy for people who find themselves in a bad situation. My following comments should, to a normal person, back that up.
    2. I have a science BSC and masters degree in palliative care, so sorry to dissapoint you but I am in no way uneducated.Nor am I silly or ignorant.( And I CAN spell) If you read back our previous conversations I am sure any sensible person would conclude that the hatred, bigotry and name calling is coming from you.
    3. You assume that I am from a private sector background and am a rampant Tory supporter. I have never voted Tory in my life and never will. I work within the NHS (for the past 32 years), caring for people, as a nurse, with real issues. One of the patients in my care at present is a 23 year old girl with an inoperable glioblastoma multiforme. (brain tumour to you) who will not see next Christmas.
    Even the most cynical of people would probably agree that her parents woes make yours pale in comparison.And she is only one of the 24 patients in my care. A high percentage of my patients, working in head and neck cancer, come from a poor social situation. In my day to day life (as I have already explained) a lot of my time is taken up with red tape and unfair rules and decisions in getting these people the help that they truly need, be it financial ,practical or otherwise.
    4, See end of comment 2.
    5. Look deeper Stephen, if you want to see the full picture.

    I am under no illusion that you will post these comments, as you have control. i wonder how many other comments you have recieved and deleted just because the truth smarts a little?

    And by the way, I am also a female “hurtling towards fifty” with two grown up working children who have never claimed benefits – probably because it was instilled into them from a very young age that the world doesn’t OWE you a living, and prioritising your needs in this world should be paramount, after all there are millions of starving in the world with no future.

    Be grateful for your beautiful children/young adults and good health.
    And don’t even START me on the health issue!!
    And as for Stephens parting shot, Cruelty is parents who can’t afford to feed and clothe their children in war torn and famine hit countries, parents having to bury their children who went to school the other day never to return, I could go on and on.Don’t quite think a tongue in cheek remark compares, do you?
    Even though I know you will not post this, I get some satisfaction that you will have to read it before you delete it.

    Fiona C Thomson
    As before, have a peaceful Christmas.

  17. Ahh, Fiona C Thompson from Glasgow, Of course I will leave this post.
    It underlines everything I said.
    You quite clearly believe yourself to be “above” people like me & throw your qualifications & work experience at me in place of actual weapons.
    I hope the rants against a working class, struggling UK citizen has made you feel better about yourseld.
    I hope you also feel that your rants by citing “third world poverty & mass slaughters in America” justify your comments to me.
    I will of course leave this on here – as sadly, YOU are indeed the product of the Con-Dems “hate & despise each other” policies.
    In-fighting & back-biting as a missdirection tactic – so you cannot see whats really happening.
    I will not involve myself in justifying my existance – I will not explain any illness I may/may not have – I will not divulge the work I do, nor why I work the jobs I do as to be frank – Thats none of your business.
    Keyboard warrioring is one thing – Trolling to be vicious is another
    Oh dear.

  18. Stephen says:

    Glad you left this last comment on – Hope that Fiona (if that is the persons real name) boss reads this – Anyone with this level of venom & condescending attitude shouldnt be working in the nursing profession.
    Sad excuse for a troll!

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