Young – Educated & No hope of a Home!

Have had a stark reminder today that young people are extremely angry at Social Housing providers & indeed at some of the tenants thereof. The next generation of this country can see no way of getting accommodation. They can’t afford to buy, They are not “Needy/Vulnerable” enough to play into the criteria for housing Associations to feel good about themselves & offer Social Housing; So they languish at 20-something sharing bedrooms in their parents homes..

I’ve been told it’s the fault of “immigrants, teenage mum’s, the unemployed” everyone but the real problem… The fact that Social Housing is no longer there for the people it was designed for – Affordable housing FOR ALL!!!!!!
Not just for the Vulnerable/Needy.
(UPDATE _  Its Already BEGUN – Bet you didn’t see this in the news as you were looking the other way  at the OLYMPICS & FOOTBALL The typical trick of Miss-direction! Shameful if we as a people let it continue!)
The fact that the benefit capping is just a way of exporting poverty is being totally lost on a whole section of society. Capping HB will push claimants out of high rental areas ,and force people out of their communities.
The reforms will make lower rental value landlords avoid renting to those in receipt of Housing Benefits (many of whom are those in work).
Whilst Higher rental value landlords (Who currently make a Mint from raking in high HB payments) will just get a “better class of tenant” (Sarcasm).
There is also an estimated 9000 fewer homes available now – with waiting lists rising.
With an education system pushing young adults to become more than they ever could before, how can they possibly be expected to “dumb-down” to get a Social Housing property?
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Please take a look at these Blogs – its heartbreaking as these are our future & we are letting them languish with no hope of the basic of things – a roof over their head from which to create a stable productive life…
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